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RAId 5 Failure

RAID 5 Failure and XOR Mathematics in NTFS 5 Part 4

We have had three installments on RAID 5 failure and how the XOR operation gives us insight into discovering the stripe size and drive order for an array. Understanding the next installment is critical to the entire method of reverse engineering a RAID 5 configuration. We understand that when we use an XOR operation on the […]

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RAID 5 Recovery MFT Boot Record

RAID 5 Recovery and XOR Mathematics in NTFS 5 Part 3

In this installment we will explore the practical use of XORing within the context of a RAID 5 recovery. Although the use of this math function in and of itself does not constitute RAID recovery, there are attributes of the mathematics that lend itself to data signatures that can then be used to acquire the […]

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Recovering a RAID 5

Recovering a RAID 5 – Multi Container

There seems to be as many RAID 5 configurations as there are technicians in the world. Each one seems to have its own brand of drive order, stripe size and parity. In addition, the Dell Corporation added a wrinkle to configuring multiple RAIDs within a set of drives. The name for this technology was ‘container’ […]

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