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Western Digital Data Recovery


Western Digital Data Recovery & Hard Drive Repair

DTI Data is happy to announce that all Western Digital customers will receive a 10% discount off of our already fair hard drive recovery pricing.

DTI is an industry leading data recovery company with a class 100 clean room that is biometrically secure.

Online Drive Tracker™ System to track your hard drive recovery.

No Data No Charge – Data Guarantee

Flat Rate Pricing

Free Evaluation

When you call in please refer to the following reference # to receive Western Digital preferred pricing on your data recovery: DTWD0601

DTI Data is an authorized data recovery company. Visit Western Digital’s data recovery partner page to verify that DTI is a partner. All WD customers receive a discount on hard drive recovery.

Western Digital My Book External Hard Drive Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery offers a full line of tools to recover data from external Western Digital USB FireWire hard drives including the My Book. The Western Digital My Book is the most popular USB and Firewire external hard drive sold around the world. DTI Data Recovery has extensive experience with Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery.