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RAID Data Recovery


DTI Data Recovery can restore or recover your RAID 5, SAN, NAS, Snap Server, and many others.

We have certified specialists and file system programmers here at DTI Data Recovery to address your VMFS recovery needs.We run multiple terabyte capable servers to tackle the larger RAID’S that arrive here recovery.

DTI Data offers a FREE Evaluation on all RAID 5 Data Recovery services. Our services are no fix no fee!

Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!

Utilizing custom software and hardware solutions, DTI Data Recovery is the best choice for your vital server data. Don’t be fooled by companies that offer on-site or worse, remote recovery options. Before any utilities are run against a RAID, all the disks must be cloned sector by sector. Just one mistake and all of your data can be lost. We have recovered RAID’s that have been at many of our competitors labs.

In this day and age, there are more and more companies utilizing large storage units. There are few data recovery companies that have the knowledge, expertise, and certifications DTI Data Recovery does. We will go the extra mile to recovery your raid 5 array.

Common RAID Recovery scenarios:

  • One drive is marked as drive by the card as bad and the array is degraded. The drive is forced online and the data gets corrupted.
  • One drive is marked by card as bad and the array is degraded. Drive is not replaced and the array continues to function. Second drive goes down and the array goes down. It is not clear which drive went down first and it becomes difficult to determine which drive has stale data.
  •  An automatic rebuild is started and the wrong drive is used as a rebuild point.
  • Drives are taken out of array and put back in enclosure out of order.


If your drive has been exposed to natural or man made disaster (fire, water, etc..). Do not apply power! Make sure it is packaged in some form of waterproof container until it can be examined by a data recovery professional in a clean room environment. Powering up the unit may cause permanent damage to the data and eliminate the possibility of recovery. Your media requires the services of a data recovery professional. Call us now toll free: (866)-438-6932 or direct (727)-345-9665.

Because of the high importance of a RAID system, we consider a RAID data recovery project a top priority – which means much quicker file recovery and return of your data. Our standard turnaround time for RAID data recovery, regardless of whether it is a RAID 0 data recovery or a RAID 5 data recovery, is four to six business days. This is one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.