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Microscopic Particles can cause Data Loss

Data recovery is a technically meticulous process. Cleanliness in the clean room where data recovery occurs is vital. Only 3 nano-meters separates the hard drive disk (HDD) from the actuator arm and read/write heads, which may be persistently buffeted by a wind created when the disk, or platter spins as fast as 7200 RPM. A […]

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File Data Recovery Step by Step

File Data Recovery Guide Problem: A file that you now need has been deleted from your hard drive data on the C drive. Solution: Shut down the computer. It is important not to run the machine anymore. Windows works under the idea that areas of the harddrive that have been used before are used first. […]

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RAID 5 Recovery

RAID 5 Recovery – Unable to Rebuild Array

RAID Configuration: 4 Seagate Barracuda Green 2 TB SATA hard drives (model ST2000DL003) configured as a RAID 5 connected to an on-board Intel RAID controller. Problem with RAID: Because of the nature of Green drives, specifically that they will spin down in low use periods, the array will periodically have a disk report as offline. […]

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