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Free RAID 5 Software

RAID Discovery Software – Free RAID 5 Software Diagnostic

DTI Data has been in business for many years and in that time we have always tried to offer the finest products at affordable prices to our clientele. Whether it is our software line, hard drive recovery branch, or reclamation and redistribution partners, DTI has consistently offered a premium product for low cost. In the […]

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RAID Stale Drive Finder

DTI Data Announces the Release of RAID Stale Drive Finder

DTI Data over the years has recovered hundreds of raids. The majority of those raids were usually in an enterprise environment and consisted of several enterprise caliber drives in a raid five configuration. In the vast majority of instances where these raids fail there has been a drive that has been degraded and no longer […]

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RAID 5 Recovery

Practical RAID 5 Recovery and XOR Mathematics in NTFS 5 Part 2

The last installment of this particular blog offered the basics of RAID 5 recovery technology and used a very simple truth table to illustrate the four (4) states of XOR mathematics. This week we will dig a little deeper into the technology and hopefully offer a clearer understanding of how the normal end user can in […]

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