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Running Data Recovery Software Off Of A Bootable CD

A lot of times you can not when attempting a recovery with software you can not move the hard drive from the machine it is in. The following is how to make a Bart PE CD that will run Recover It All Professional.

The first thing you need to do is make a directory on your machine that contains Recover It All. After that you need to hit the Bart PE website and download their latest version, and install it.

Data Recovery and Bart PE

Note: This installation was done on a computer that has 2 CD drives. This is a optimal way to make the CD, but if you can’t do that then make a directory and copy your windows CD into it.

When you start Bart PE you will get a screen asking you if you would like to search for your windows files, make sure you have your Windows CD in the drive and let it do its search. After the search is done you should be able to select your Windows CD as the place where you windows files exists.

bootable cd

After the scan is done you will need to click the little next to the Custom: field so that you can browse to the Recover It All Directory. After this is done make sure you tell it to Burn to CD/DVD and that you have a writable CD in the other CD ROM drive. Then tell it to Build.

data recovery


It will open up a new screen and begin to make the file and CD.

data recovery software

Once this has finished you now boot from your Bart PE CD. Once in Bart, you will have the ability to browse to the Recover It All directory and run the software on the hard drive needing data recovery.

Disclaimer: Microsoft does not support Bart PE, and therefore should not be called to lend a hand in the creation of the CD. DTIData, also does not support Bart PE, this article is purely for informational purposes.


8 Responses to “Running Data Recovery Software Off Of A Bootable CD”

  1. DTI Data Recovery July 16, 2008 4:29 pm #


    issas.exe is a trojan virus. If it is lssas.exe then that is a Windows feature. The scumbags that made the virus obviously wanted people to think it is the lsass and not remove it. Anyway, if you can assertain for a fact that it IS issas, then you need to get a removal tool. The tools are all over Google and can be found by searching for the virus name and “removal tool”.

    I am forwarding this to Jacqui Best our software support person so she can answer your question about Recover It All. It is a great program and can recover data even from a viral attack.

    If you could find out if it is the isass or lsass and let us know in a comment we will help you out.


  2. Daniel July 16, 2008 12:52 pm #

    i have a compaq laptop which has something going on, on it, when i reboot the laptop befor going to the window were it asks you to press ctrl+alt+del.. i get a message that says, issas.exe error with blablablablab.. it goes pretty fast and it restarts again and keeps doing it… now my question. will this Recover It All Proffesional help me out..

    thank you,


  3. Gilles Loiseau July 24, 2008 12:22 am #

    I started using computer a little while ago; not much experience.
    The screen started to freeze when Windows is booting; sometimes before loading the desktop, sometimes after, I tried to boot to a precedent date without success, it is still freezing even sometimes in safe mode.
    I reinstalled Windows XP family edition that I had when I bought the computer but it is still freezing. I ran MCAfee on all my files etc… 146,000, it did not find anything,I bought RegCure; useless, I bought PC doctor; useless, I bougth Registry Fix; useless, I copied my documents on an external hard drive
    (27G), should I try to clone my hard disk (Western Digital WD800BB-53DKAO Enhanced IDE) to save my installed software or if they are saved if I use your Data recovery software.
    Thanks Gilles

  4. Jacqui Best July 24, 2008 12:29 pm #

    The screen is more then likely freezing because of something wrong physically with the computer. I would guess bad sectors on the hard drive but again that would be a guess. If it was still acting up after the machine was re loaded.

  5. mike November 30, 2008 4:21 pm #

    i have an acer 2420 laptop and i never made a recovery disk. the computer starts up and goes to the acer screen and then goes to the windows screen and then it never goes into windows. it just keeps going around and around like it’s caught in a loop. some one told me it was a thread issue and i need to erase the computer and restore it and lose all data that’s on the hard drive and for me to lose over 30 GB’s of music is to costly. i make a music and i can’t afford to lose those files. how can i get those files off ot the hard drive before resetting the system. please advise.

  6. Raj February 13, 2009 11:06 am #

    Hi, I am trying to recover my data on a hdd that crashed on me. The problem is that the data has been encrypted with Safeboot my my organisation. I have not done anything with the hdd so far and would like to get my data off!! any advise?

    • Jacqui Best February 13, 2009 11:48 am #

      It is unfortunate for your situation but Safeboot is full disk encryption, which will prevent us from being able to help with the data removal. You will need the fullest cooperation of the IT department of the company you work for in order to retrieve the data. Because it is a widely used encryption method, they do have FAQ’s on their website about how to go about getting the data off, but you will need access to the installation software and the administrative rights to the back end.


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