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RAID 5 Data Recovery Service

RAID 5 Data Recovery – RAID 5 Is Not a Backup System

There are as many RAID types as there are technicians who set them up. RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5, RAID 50, RAID 6, each one of those with different parity schemes, stripe sizes, along with drive aggregate. All of these configurations will normally have some thought behind them as to their use in a […]

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RAID Data Recovery

Software RAID Data Recovery – Technology Explanation

RAID technology in and of itself is an extremely complicated set of programming algorithms that allow for multiple drives to be presented as one entity. This technology has catapulted the information technology storage capabilities to include the bleeding edge cloud offsite data housing. With that being said, it is clear that a dedicated hardware setup […]

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NAS RAID Recovery

What RAID Type is my NAS?

For all the technology in the world, it still baffles me how a technician will assume that the storage size found on the outside of the packaging of most NAS RAIDs is consistent with the actual configuration of the NAS. Assumptions are made by a technician or network engineer that will affect the safety and […]

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