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Data Mining Of Email And Website History

Computers and other electronic devices that use storage media can be found in nearly every office and even in homes. Whatever type of storage is used, the data itself can not only be recovered, but restored. Businesses regularly and routinely record data on electronic media for processing, transmission, storage or other business functions. Today, most such data is in digital form on magnetic media and includes files, databases, e-mail, application files, instant messages, text messages, phone messages and video recordings. It can be easily modified, deleted, over-written and processed in many other ways. One characteristic aspect is that unlike legacy documents on paper, digital data once recorded, cannot be completely and permanently erased.

DTI Data Recovery’s Data Discovery Services uses advanced data mining techniques that allow us to find history of web sites visited on the Internet. This is very important in personal investigations where Internet activities are suspect. DTI literally can find entire months worth of web history by mining keywords within temporary Internet files that have been cleared by users. Using data recovery tools along with forensic procedures, DTI’s data mining services can even discover files after being deleted.

Data Discovery Of Deleted Emails

DTI Data Recovery’s Data Discovery Services can restore entire email folders that have been deleted by users. By using advanced data mining techniques, DTI can find and present emails that have been deleted. DTI data discovery services are used by home users as well as major corporations. Anyone that wants to know what might have been in emails that have been deleted either on purpose or accidentally, can utilize DTI’s data mining of e-mail services.

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  1. tim March 13, 2011 6:45 am #

    anyone recommend a good data recovery company in Australia? this sounds good but I’d prefer not to send overseas 😛


    • Jacqui Best March 14, 2011 8:09 am #


      I really dont know of one in Australia maybe one of our other readers might?

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