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Data Recovery company, DTI Data Recovery since 1998.

Data recovery company DTI Data Recovery a leader since 1998.

If you Google ‘Data Recovery Company’, your head will spin from all the results. This was not the case when Google first started in the early 2000s. At that time your recovery choices would have been limited to DTI Data, Vogon, IBAS, Actionfront, Drive Savers, less than a dozen companies were performing data recovery.

Choosing a data recovery company can be a daunting task. Many data recovery companies claim to be the first, the best, the fastest etc. Of course they do, that’s marketing. In our 22 years of service we have seen many companies make these claims as they come and go. We don’t need to make claims. We have results.

Before data recovery software was readily available to buy, we created our own for in-house use. We started making data recovery software back in the mid-1990’s. In 1999 we released Media Tools in conjunction with ACR data recovery. The software we designed and sold quickly became the cornerstone of the data recovery industry. Throughout the 2000’s you would see pictures of every data recovery company using Media Tools to clone or image hard drives.

The experience gained programming some of the first data recovery software provided us with an edge other data recovery companies did not have. We were able to backwards engineer RAID layouts and operating systems to get data other companies could not. And sometimes we share! VMFS File system recovery can be found here. We have also made tools to help individuals solve minor data recovery issues and made them available for free.

As we enter 2020, the data recovery landscape looks much different than it used to. Over the years, DTI Data grew and changed and so did Google. A search for ‘Data Recovery Company’ or ‘Data recovery service’ will yield a map with many results for ‘local’ companies. Below is the Google map listings for the Tampa bay area.

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In most cities, the search results will show multiple data recovery companies. The listings can be very misleading. The businesses shown will typically fall into two categories, local computer repair stores or drop off facility.

Many local computer repair shops offer minor data recovery services, ones that can be done with software, like retrieving deleted data. However, they would not be capable of doing a physical recovery. If they are given a clicking or damaged hard drive their options are to return it to the customer or to partner with a data recovery company like us to get the job done. This can incur extra costs because the local computer repair store will act as a middle man.

The more confusing and misleading practice you will see is drop off sites and virtual offices. Looking at Google search results you will see multiple ‘national’ data recovery companies right in your area. However, they are not really located anywhere near you. What you are seeing is a virtual office serving as a drop off site. Your hard drive will be received there, but then shipped to the actual lab. This also increases the cost of the service.

In the above data recovery company search results there are two virtual office shown. The companies are actually based in NYC and Ohio. DTI Data is a data recovery company that is actually located in the Tampa/St Petersburg/Clearwater metro area of Florida. We also have an office in Orlando. We don’t need to use deceptive marketing or locations, we have been right here serving our customers for over twenty years.


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