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Data Recovery – Hurricane Ian data recovery

Hurricane Ian data recovery provided by a Florida based company. Naples to Tampa, St Petersburg and Orlando DTI DATA Recovery will provide support.

As a Florida based data recovery company, we have recovered data from local storms prior to hurricane Charlie. We assisted New Orleans with business and home user recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  Not since then have we witnessed that scale of storm surge, until we watched Hurricane Ian make land fall in the Ft. Myers Area. Areas south such as Naples experienced tremendous storm surge.

Hurricane Ian Data Recovery
Hurrican Ian

Here in at our headquarters in St. Petersburg, many are still without power and basic services. We are ready to help, as needed after everyone is counted safe and ready for business again. We will provide free evaluations and technical support to all of Florida as we re-emerge from Hurricane Ian.  We hope that harm to individual and families are minimal and morn the loss of any life due to Ian.

Hurricane Ian Florida recourses:

Hurricane Ian data recovery: Call us at 727-345-9665

As power is restored, please be careful and inspect electrical systems or products prior to power up. If your computers, Servers (RAID), etc. have been submerged in water do not dry.  Please rinse lightly with distilled water, pack inside a zip lock bag, or any seal bag or box that will retain moisture and send to our facilities, if you need your data recovered.  Please call us if you need help.

Water can and will destroy electrical systems, however, corrosion or the drying of water on or in electrical systems (particularly hard drive platters) may destroy any chance of repair or recovery.

Water damaged hard drive packaging.

Inherently, all Data Recovery companies are small businesses regardless, of what any website may want you to think.  We understand, home users and small businesses may not have the financial recourses to recover data at any cost.  We strive to help where we can.

If you are unsure of what you’re dealing with regarding a data recovery, hard drive recovery, RAID server restoration issue, please contact us for help.

DTI DATA Recovery has three offices in Florida.

Our company headquarters in St Petersburg, FL

6643 1st Ave S, St.Petersburg, FL, 33707

Tampa Hard drive recovery Tampa-St.Petersburg

Orlando Orlando Data Recovery

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