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Data Recovery Service Area

data recovery service

DTI Data provides data recovery services throughout the United States and all over the world.

Our primary clean room labs are located in Florida and New York, however, we are only a day away with FedEx or UPS.

Most data recovery companies have only one lab location, they have virtual offices that act as middlemen to send your hard drive back to their headquarters without you knowing or they send your hard drive to a data recovery company like us.

Most of our data recovery customers live in a state where there are no real in-house hard drive repair or data recovery companies. If you find a data recovery company in your area, make sure to check that they actually perform hard drive repair in your location. Be wary of any company that won’t tell you the exact location of their lab or if their repairs are done onsite.

To find out if we have a data recovery lab in your area, give us call toll free at 866-438-6932, or check the links below. If we do not have a location in your area or you prefer to ship your drive, please contact us for a prepaid overnight shipping label.

If you are a computer repair shop or a re-seller located in the United States, DTI Data Recovery is always looking for new partners. For more information or to enroll in our data recovery partner program please contact our Partner Accounts Associate.