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Birmingham Data Recovery


DTI Birmingham Data Recovery is a hard drive recovery clean room in the Greater Tampa bay Area of Florida.

If you are reaching this page we understand you are looking for a data recovery company in your area.

We are authorized by drive manufacturers’ to open and work on their hard drives. In order to keep your warranty in tact you should consider calling us to arrange shipping.

We would only like a chance to tell you about our services and hopefully help you through your data loss. We have many different services to offer our customers. Including but not limited to Remote Recovery, Raid Recovery and Non-Invasive Recovery.

Most of our data recovery customers live in a state where there is no clean room, but with FEDEx, UPS and the USPS we are only a day away.

Be sure to check that your local Alabama Data Recovery Company actually performs the hard drive repair on site. Most companies only have one lab location, or send it to a data recovery company like us.

Please if you have any questions at all about your hard drive, or how data recovery works with our company please feel free to call us directly. We always have a technician on hand to help you with your data loss needs.
Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932
Direct: 1-727-345-9665


Birmingham, Alabama Hard Drive Data Recovery AL

Birmingham is a city rich in culture and history. When the area was ravished with hurricanes DTI Data Recovery provided an exceptional roll in helping locals recover their data.