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St Petersburg, FL Data Recovery ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

St Petersburg, FL Data Recovery company – hard drive recovery – dropped external hard drive data recovery.

We are a data recovery company located in St. Petersburg, FL.  We have a very high success rate, flat rate pricing along with a no-data no-charge policy. Hard drive repair – there are no hidden diagnostic or evaluation fees. We work with all operating systems and all devices including: hard drives, mobile devices, advanced digital media, RAID recovery, NAS, SNAP and SAN. We also specialize in vSphere and VMware, VMFS RAID recovery.  Walk-in or call us for a free evaluation. Phone evaluations are answered by data recovery technicians. We can also perform any evaluation while you are here at our lab-hard drive repair near me.

Damaged hard drive, Solid State Drives, RAID recovery – performed here in Florida.

You may also download our hard drive recovery diagnostic program Hard Drive Engine free. Hard Drive Engine. Hard drive engine is a great software utility to determine if you may need hard drive repair.

Our company headquarters is located in St. Petersburg, FL. Clients from around the USA and over seas send hard drives, RAID storage, SSD, NAS and other storage to us for recovery. We’re happy to say we are St. Pete’s data recovery near me.

Ransomware data recovery

While we cannot decrypt data we can recover data from large back-up sets. Most ransomware attacks will delete RAID storage, Windows backup sets, etc. We can recover data from non encrypted data loss. If you have experienced a Ransomware attack, feel free to contact us to help you review your data recovery options.

DTI Data Recovery has a certified ISO 5 CLASS 100 Clean Room right here in St Petersburg, Fl.  We have the tools and experience necessary to recover your data quickly and securely. We are security audited and publicly recognized on manufacturer sites as one of 10 data recovery companies authorized to open hard drives without voiding warranties.

Many of the data recovery companies you see in Google local maps are virtual offices. Many companies have dozens or hundreds of virtual data recovery offices. Unfortunately, the cost of those offices are passed down to their customers in their pricing once they have received your drive for an evaluation.

Your data is as important to us, as it is to you. If you have data recovery needs contact us, we are happy to help and support our local customers.

Call Locally 727-345-9665

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Wow, do these guys know their trade. In working with Malcolm on my problem, it felt like he actually took it on as a personal mission. You can tell DTI definitely has integrity which is hard but great to find in business today
Response from the owner: Thank you Dale!
Wow, do these guys know their trade. In working with Malcolm on my problem, it felt like he actually took it on as a personal mission. You can tell DTI...
These guys ARE the real deal!! Their expertise, experience, attention to detail, & empathy are monumental for my Peace of Mind for the info I thought I had lost. I'd recommend this team to ANYONE who lost any data on pretty much any device! You can't go wrong with these guys! Thank you for your help, again!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Our home PC with over 12 years worth of data including photos went down and my husband tried to recover the data himself but with no luck. He took it to DTI Data Recovery and Malcolm greeted him immediately and went straight to work trying to evaluate what might have happened. Malcolm quickly identified that the hard drive was damaged but he was confident that he could still pull our data onto a backup drive. It took Malcolm a few days but he kept us up to date on the progress and we couldn't have been happier with his final call that he had success in getting all of our data and memories backed up. His expertise is priceless and if you need any type of data recovery you need to give DTI Data Recovery a chance to help you too.
I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to David M. and DTI Data Recovery. They were able to restore my entire hard drive quickly and to "pre-crash" function perfectly! David was nothing short of a miracle worker. We were dead in the water without our Point of Sale system at our very busy retail store. We had lost everything; inventory, product pricing, history - everything! We were sent back to the dark ages in a flash and weren't prepared at all! Our IT mgmt company, Adam A. w/ TechMate, had dealt with DTI Date Recovery in the past and suggested it was worth a shot to send them the hard drive to see if there was anything at all they might be able to recover, but it was sure to be a long shot at best. Well... as it turned out, it was NO long shot for DTI - they made it happen very quickly at a fair price! They made me feel my sense of urgency was important (which it was to us), and jumped right on it! I truly cannot say enough about DTI Data Recovery and am forever grateful for their talent, knowledge, and service. If you ever experience a hard drive or data catastrophe like we did - I would HIGHLY recommend DTI and no-one else!Thank you again David & DTI Data, you're simply the BEST ~Tina S.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much! Happy we could help!
Best service ever! Highly recommended. Malcom was a pleasure to work with. Honest feedback and timely follow ups.
IF there are businesses and / or people who deserve 5 star review, it is Dave and Malcolm. My need for their services comes as a PC Computer Support related consultant. They have never failed to deliver when data recovery is needed. Today, they saved my backside recovering an SD Card that refused access. My thoughts are along lines of - If recovery is possible, DTI will succeed. Kudos to Dave and Malcolm as well as thank you.
Response from the owner: Thanks Martin! Always a pleasure.
helped with corrupted insta360 files and included a drive too store them on, thanks guys
Big shout out to DTI for saving my MacBook after a fatal crash. They worked a few miracles, recovered ALL my data and got my old computer running like new....
Malcolm and Dave were great - they recovered not only data from an old hard drive, but also from a NAS that had lost all its indexed information. Tremendous job and easy to work with - I'll be back if I need this kind of work again.
Response from the owner: Thanks John!
Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and timely. Their expertise and effectiveness of communicating is absolutely the best. 2 other companies said my job wasn't accomplishable, but DTI was able to recover my data and give me peace of mind. Thank you!!
Response from the owner: Thanks Michael!
Outstanding service!!! Great customer service and excellent job recovering data from a corrupt hard drive that hadn’t been powered in 7 years. Very quick and efficient. Appreciate Dave walking me through the process and keeping me informed of the status. Highly recommend!!!
DTI Data Recovery is the best! I went in with a crashed hard drive from our church's 15+ year old computer. Dave was able to retrieve all of the data and transfer it to an external drive for us. And he did it right away to save me a second trip from across the bay. Can't thank him enough!
Response from the owner: Thanks Suzanne! Happy to help.
Did a great job at a very reasonable price
Response from the owner: Thanks Robert!
Response from the owner: Thanks Parker
They were able to perform gods work - took a damaged computer and recovered my MetaMask wallet. Still shocked they were able to recover. A+ 10/10. Great guys as well!
Response from the owner: Thanks Jon! Glad we could help.
Saved me a bunch of headache with a big data recovery!! Awesome service!
Response from the owner: Thank you Kayla!
They were able to recover a company drive after it corrupted during file transfer. We needed this drives information quickly and he was able to turn it around within a day and give it back to us. Thank you very much.
Response from the owner: Thanks Austin!
Super helpful in a sticky situation. Thanks for recovering my data!
Response from the owner: You’re welcome!
Great service, was able to recover all data from my corrupted drive!
Response from the owner: Thank you Alejandro!
Best Data Recovery company in the area, saved invaluable video footage for me that I wouldn’t be able to recreate!
Response from the owner: Thanks Cameron!
A+++ Dave and Malcom are amazing at what they do!! They are the real deal! My computer was down due to a faulty hard drive. These guys got us back up and running in no time when others couldn't. They went the extra mile to stay late at the office, speak directly with the dental software engineer and get the current backup so we would not lose any data. They are very knowledgable and I'm so happy to have found them. They really care about their trade and customers. Rare gem to find. Thank you gentlemen! We really appreciate you!! Thank you so much!!Sincerely,Dr. Bui
Response from the owner: Thank you, Dr. Bui! We are happy to help you keep this little smiles bright!
Our experience with DTI data recovery was absolutely first class. The specialists were very knowledgeable, they took the time to set expectations appropriately and their fees were reasonable. When it was time to collect our recovered data, the files were organized into fully recovered and damaged so we could quickly determine the extent of any data loss. They recovered almost all of our data which was amazing given the damage to the media. I can’t thank them enough for their service. I am certain that the recovery was complex and time consuming. One added bonus is that they keep the recovered data for 10 days (unless you ask them to delete it) in case something happens to the recovered media on your way home. You can’t ask for more than that.
Response from the owner: Thank you Randy. It was nice to meet you both!
Fantastic service I thought the video of my retirement ceremony was gone forever but these guys were able to save everything. Highly recommend!!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Baron!
I'm fortunate to live close enough to DTI that I could drop off my damaged drive and meet Malcolm and Dave. Not only are they both brilliant, but their personalities are very different from each other so they can relate to all types of people.Malcolm was super patient with all my questions and curiosities, and made me feel at ease about the recovery process. They turned a stressful and scary situation into a very pleasant experience.I highly recommend DTI, and though it's an expensive process, it cost less than what I was later quoted at Best Buy.And thank goodness they kept my data on file for a short time, because I wound up needing it again the next day.Note to self: When using a docking station and two external drives, use a power cable and correct driver. I damaged three drives before we figured that one out. Good luck! You're in safe hands.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Julie! I’m glad we could help.Dave
Great experience! I would recommend them 100%. They recovered all the documents others couldn't. My mother and I are very happy with the end results. They put a lot of work and both gentlemen (Malcolm and Dave) are super professionals and understood the necessity of mom's to recover her SSD files.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Milagros!
VERY GREATFULL, we appreciate the wonderful service, they worked their magic on our 12 year old server raid drives, helped us recover from possible catastrophic loss of our patient data. if having hard drive issues raid or non raid call this company they will dedicate the time needed and try everything possible to recover. Thanks again!
Response from the owner: Thank you JA! Happy we could help.
Dave is amazing! I thought I was going to lose everything and he was able to recover everything. Thank you so much.
Response from the owner: Thank you Erin!
Saved our data, highest recommendation!! A+
Response from the owner: Thanks Dan!
Dave and Malcom went above and beyond to do the impossible for our data recovery! Worth every penny! Look no further these are your guys!
Response from the owner: Thanks Tanner! We were happy to help!
These gentlemen know what they’re doing. I’m from Colorado Springs and I couldn’t find a single place to recover data off of my iPhone. Traveling to St. Petersburg on vacation, I searched and found this place with incredible reviews and decided to bring my device in hopes they could help. YES, they definitely helped. Not only did they recover ALL my photos.. I’m talking almost 20k worth of images and videos.. but they repaired my device to function which was no longer accessible beforehand, downloaded my files onto a drive, and accommodated our time here by starting to work on it as soon as I dropped the phone off to him. These are great people, I recommend to anyone. For the incredible service and experienced ability.. THANK YOU!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you!! I’m happy we were able to recover your photos! It was nice meeting both of you. Hope you enjoyed your stay!
Please read this if you think you’ve lost your hard drive data. We had a random power outage that caused my computer to turn back on saying no hard drive detected. I called HP and was told I lost everything on the hard drive. I then tried Best Buy, which wasn’t able to help at a reasonable price, so they suggested DTI Data Recovery. I tried a few other places along my drive to their St. Pete location, but no luck. I was really upset at this point because I had recorded about 20 songs / 2 albums worth of music prior to the last back up and lost months of our family pictures. When getting to DTI Data, Malcolm was confident he could recover the files. With a fast turnaround, he was indeed able to get me all of the files! I can’t stress enough how nice he was. Cleaned my computer out, put the files on a different hard drive allowing me to run my existing computer, then also gave me an external hard drive with all of the data in case the computer stops running again. I really appreciate the help they provided me and I’m sure they’re able to help others in the same scenario I was in. Thank you guys!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Extremely professional and very helpful. They walked me through the whole process. A life saver for recovery all of my data!
Response from the owner: Thanks Kelly!
They were able to recover the data on a "failed" external hard drive that I used for home pictures and videos. Outstanding Service!
Response from the owner: Thank you David!
They were able to recover all of the photos I needed from my crashed hard drive and kept me informed throughout the whole process! Hopefully I won't need them again but if anything else crashes this is the place I will go!
Response from the owner: Thank you Emily!
Awesome guys. Very professional and friendly. Was able to fully recover all my data from my seagate HDD in 24 hours. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Erica!
Malcolm Jamieson and his colleagues at DTI Data in St. Petersburg, Florida, were able to successfully recover the data from my 500GB Western Digital hard drive, that had unfortunately suffered a severe electrical surge. All of this was done over the course of a few hours, as I literally drove to their facility and hand delivered the defective drive to them. I truly appreciate all of their knowledge and expertise, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a similar service!
Response from the owner: Thank you Joseph!
They recovered all of my data! I am so happy.Thank you, DTI!
Response from the owner: Thank you Cindy!
Well...all was lost. All our family pics and videos since 2003 were seemingly gone. The external hard drive that contained all of my family data was not opening. I went to 4 computer shops and they couldn't help me. One tech actually told me that there was nothing left on the drive. Then I found DTI. I called them and they actually gave me hope. They told me not to worry and to bring them the drive. 3 days later it was like magic. They recovered every single pic and every single video since 2003. I could breath again. All of our family keepsakes were back. MAGIC. Thanks so much DTI.
Response from the owner: Thanks John! So glad we could help!
Fantastic company! Stoked what they were doing to assist me at 8:00 in the evening. Very knowledgeable and resourceful. I hope I won't need them again, but if I do, I very glad to know a company like this is available.
Response from the owner: Thanks Marc
DTI Data Recovery saved us hundreds of hours of work by recovering a critical file for our business. They are true experts who take the time to understand what you need and fix it as quickly as possible. We found their rates extremely fair. We initially made the mistake of shipping our drive out of state to another data recovery company. We would have saved so much time and trouble if we had found DTI first.
I have read all of the 78 reviews from the Google maps page, including the thumbs up from the Facebook folks. I am in total agreement with those reviews, except one. Reading posts from six years ago and until now these guys have not changed. David and Malcom were helpful and understanding by listening carefully to my problem with my lost data from an 8-terabyte external hard drive. For those of you that are not from the Pinellas County, Florida area, do not fear that you will be treated any differently than I was. They understand how frustrating it can be losing years of family pictures and other personnel/business data. Before I called DTI, I called two out of state data recovery services. It would cost around $300.00 with a shipping label just to diagnose the drive. When I first talked to David, he said that they do not charge to look at the drive. They recovered ALL 1.3-terabytes of data from the failed 8-terabyte drive. My lesson here is to have a Backup to the Backup. Thank you, David and Malcolm.
Response from the owner: That you Tracy!
I’m so excited that DTI was able to save all of the files from my damaged SD card! I had already taken the card to another computer guy who wasn’t able to recover any video files, but DTI came to my rescue! THANK YOU!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
I'm so excited that they were able to recover all the files from my SD card that was damaged! I had already taken the card to another computer facility...
Managed to get my data off of my two NVMe SSD drives set up as RAID 0 where no one else I found really understood the technology, let alone was set up to decode it. Thank you very much! I can't recommend DTI enough!
Response from the owner: Thanks Matt!
I had issues with a file and David was able to help me on a Saturday afternoon handle the issue. Very thorough and breaks it down into simple terms for the customer. Will forever have my business with tech issues. Thanks David!
Response from the owner: Thanks John
THANK YOU MALCOLM!I work remotely in Florida for my Dallas office and my hard drive with specialty software crashed on Thursday. I had it overnighted on Saturday and DTI had it up and running on Thursday.I can't say enough good things about having a company with people that have the skills like this so readily available with fair pricing; however, add customer service on top of that and I wish they could be my go to vendor for all aspects of my company.IF YOU HAVE COMPUTER DTI! You will not regret it. They have an office in Tampa and St. Pete for your convenience.
Response from the owner: Thank you!
brought my crashed hard drive in and all data recovered in two days. these guys were great! Clean room and equipment on premises, so no need to send your drive out of state. very personable gents- took time to explain process and charged a very reasonable price.
Response from the owner: Thanks Edward!
Friendly knowledgeable, and FAST.Saved us $500!Cannot recommend them enough.
Response from the owner: Thanks Robert
Complete and total LIFESAVER ! Dave was amazing really excellent customer service ! The staff was fast and professional really a life saver !
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Dave and Malcolm are so very respectful and professional. They explained the process in detail that a novice like myself could understand.They absolutely deserve the gold star category. Excellent , stellar customer service.
Response from the owner: Thanks Sandra!
Response from the owner: Thanks Jeffifer!
I called this last Thursday to get an idea of what I’d need to budget for getting my external hard drive data recovered. The fellow I spoke with proceeded to conduct a very thorough question and answer session for around ten minutes; the results, which ended today in complete satisfaction without any cost! At his suggestion I replaced the usb cord, which resolved my problem!

This is true customer service and I recommend them for no better reason that he took the time and gave honest answers!
These guys saved my arse! Recovered a bunch of lost files on my laptop!! Great job!!!
Response from the owner: Ha! Thank you!
When my new hard drive crashed and wouldn't turn back on unexpectedly I was panicked because I know how expensive data recovery can be. I tried everything and got so many large quotes. All my stuff is always backed up, except this time my new drive had died before it could be backed up. I was referred to DTI Recovery Services and spoke with Malcomb. He explained the process, worst case scenario, and even humored me with the best case scenario. I decided to mail my hard drive over and wish for the best. A couple weeks later I had a new hard drive will all of my recovered files and for 40% less than the other places I had spoken with before going with DTI. My blog and vlog files have been saved. I know who I'll go to if anything ever happens again (I am a wedding photographer so you never know). And I have already referred a photographer friend of mine to DTI. I am very happy with their service, their professionalism, and their kindness throughout the process.
Response from the owner: Thank you, so happy we could help!
I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place! I was very distraught when my hard drive (with almost 20k photos) broke and I thought I lost my memories forever. The guys at DTI talked with me on the phone, explained my options, they were very kind and professional. I took my hard drive in and they were able to fix it! I was so relieved. The price and the service was absolutely incredible. This is one of those businesses that you tell everyone about-friends, family, colleagues, everyone. This is the only place you should consider for your data recovery needs.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Kelly
These guys saved the day! My external hard drive had stopped working and brought out small family business to a halt. They answered my call right away and I drove directly to their shop thinking of every worst case scenario, if my data be restored and the hundreds of dollars it would cost to get me up and running again. I got to their shop and they remembered me from my phone call. Both guys working there stopped what they were doing to help me. Within ten minutes, they had it all figured out. Turns out, I had fried the internal electronics but my data was still uncorrupted. They could have hit me with the cost of recovering the data but instead, they transferred the most important stuff to a flash drive I had and showed me a much cheaper alternative to fix my problem. All of this good service and advice cost me nothing. Seriously. Not a dime. I know that if I go there in the future for any data recovery, I'll be well taken care of. These guys have real integrity and really helped me out! I'm so grateful.
Response from the owner: Happy to help!
I took a very old Western Digital external hard drive to these guys thinking it was really dead and would be expensive to recover but they bypassed the front end and suggested that for $49 I could get a SATA bridge and do it myself. Sharp, friendly and honest! The best kind of people to work with!
I am delighted with DTI DATA Recovery services I was distraught when I realized my hard drive was damaged and no longer functional. I thought I had lost all of the data I had accumulated over 14 years. I was referred to the company and somewhat skeptical and hesitant to send the hard drive to an unfamiliar company in Florida since I live in Oklahoma. The form online to get started with the process was easy to complete. DTI received my hard drive in the mail June 1st and I received an email June 4th telling me all of my data had been recovered and being placed on an external hard drive and returned to me. The email I received with the good news provided me an opportunity to respond with comments. I received an immediate response from David further substantiating the full recovery. I highly recommend DTI DATA Recovery for your technological repairs and services.I believe customer service is important and I am pleased with both the recovery of my data and the customer service from this excellent company!
Response from the owner: Thank you, so happy we could help!
ALL the 5 Star Reviews are true!!! David and my new Kiwi friend, Malcolm are fantastic!!! Everything you want and expect for great customer service! Plus they recover data that others can't do 🙂 Others tried to recover data for a couple of weeks and DTI had it done by the next morning!!! We are lucky to have these "Hard Drive Gurus" in our area as compared to sending out to silicon valley, where they would then send to DTI to repair for triple the cost. Continued Success Fellas! Cheers!
Response from the owner: Thanks Marco!
An excellent business, locally owned by tech experts that truly know what they are doing. DTI is the go to for data recovery and drive troubleshoot for my multimedia business as well as various other regional vendors I work with. Knowledgeable, honest and straightforward. Thanks again.
As a graphic designer that depends on his cpu/hard drive I made the mistake of not properly backing up mine in a timely manner (my fault). Thanks to the incredible work of Malcolm, and Meeting Dave, I got all of my files recovered in a timely manner. These guys are LEGIT and professional and easy to talk to with any questions.
If I could give DTI Data Recovery a 10/10, I would. Dave & Malcolm are wonderful. After being recommended to DTI by a colleague, I called the St. Pete location to explain my problem, and Malcolm answered the phone. He and his team are highly professional and knowledgeable, having been doing data recovery for 20+ years. I had a 12 year old Gateway computer that hadn't been functioning for years, but had a lot of precious pictures that my family and I did not want to lose. After having done research on other data recovery websites regarding their prices (like, GeekSquad at Best Buy), I was concerned I would have to pay over $1000 to have the data recovered, which is not something that is in the budget during a global pandemic. Malcolm asked me to stop by with the computer so he could take a preliminary look. During his initial consultation he said the whole process should be pretty seamless, and gave me the quote for the work that had to be done. You ONLY pay if they are able to extract the data. I got my pictures the next day for $100 lower than he had originally quoted me. This is a huge deal for me because I thought I was going to lose childhood pictures of my brother and myself forever, and he was able to save them. I highly recommend DTI Data Recovery. They have a Clean Room, unlike other computer repair stores around St.Pete. Give them a call to see how they can help- you won't regret it.
Brilliant! *Reasonably (*data recovery ain't cheap) low pricing, lightning fast turn-around time, and most important to me, especially friendly and honest....
Thank god for this company. They saved my entire company and I can rest easy tonight ❤️👏🏼🎉 10 stars to DTI Data Recovery 💫💫💫💫💫
DTI data recovery is the place to go if you have a crazy HD failure like I did. They swooped in like beautiful angels and saved my data from the cold abyss....
Dave and Malcolm were awesome!! They were able to recover my data in less than 24 hours and taught me some things sbout hard drives along the way. Great company!!!
Looking at my review history here, you will see that I do not have an stellar relationship with electronics. You will see that my second home is the Apple...
DTI Data Recovery has exceeded my expectations! I had a Western Digital hard drive which has failed and data recovery was needed for the stored data on the drive. The hard drive had a mechanical problem and did not have a software-related problem. Therefore the data could not be recovered by any software at all. I found the DTI Data Recovery as a WD registered Data Recovery partner. I found out that DTI Data Recovery Company has excellent reviews on Google and the best price service in the United States in recovering the data. All my data, folder by folder, file by file, word by word without any loss were recovered quickly by this company. I always had Mr. David Mohyla’s support during this procedure. I want to thank DTI Data Recovery and David for all their efforts to recover my data! I would highly recommend this company for their great services. I told all my friends about their wonderful job, especially their unbelievable prices.
This company was able to recover all my photos and other data, and it was a pleasure to work with everyone there. Thanks to Malcom, all photos and other data were recovered from a failing hard drive. It was amazing that everything was recovered. He spent extra time rebuilding some photo files, as well as analyzing that all photos were accounted for. Thanks to Dave, all photos from a damaged SD card were recovered. Dave kindly mailed the SD card along with the extracted information back to me without my asking. Everyone is very knowledgeable, while also being very warm and patient in explaining the technical aspects. I would only work with them. They perform all the work on-site.

Emergency Onsite St Petersburg FL Data Recovery

If you need data recovery in St Petersburg, FL and your data is too sensitive in nature to leave the premises, we can come to you. We have file system engineers capable of going on-site to perform complex hard drive or raid recovery including:

  • RAID 5 recovery, RAID 50, RAID 6, RAID 60 and Drobo data recovery
  • NAS recovery- Synology, Qnap, Ready NAS, My Cloud, and more.
  • Hard drive recovery
  • Data recovery for all operating systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, VMware – virtualized storage Hyper-V and more.

Call for immediate on site data recovery: 1-727-345-9665

  • Free hard drive recovery evaluation- we will diagnose faults and provide a free estimate for data recovery.
  • Data recovery guarantee: no data, no charge. We do not charge for our services unless we recover data.

Most of our data recovery customers live in an area where there are no hard drive repair companies. The majority of data recovery companies have only one real lab location. If you find another data recovery company, be sure to check that they actually perform the repair and recovery here in St. Petersburg. We are the only hard drive recovery company in Florida that is authorized by manufacturers to open their drives and keep your warranty intact.  DTI Data Recovery is your St Petersburg, FL – local data recovery company.

[schema type=”organization” orgtype=”LocalBusiness” name=”DTI Data Recovery” street=”6643 1st Avenue South” city=”St Petersburg” state=”FL” postalcode=”33707″ country=”US” phone=”727-345-9665″ ]

Data recovery service:

Locally serving:

  • Bellaire
  • Clearwater, FL – Data Recovery service page directions to our data recovery lab.
  • Dunedin, FL
  • Gulfport, FL – Our data recovery lab is 5 minutes from Gulfport.
  • Indian Rocks Beach, FL
  • Indian Shores, FL
  • Kenneth City, FL
  • Largo, FL
  • Madeira Beach, FL
  • North Redington Beach, FL
  • Oldsmar, FL
  • Pinellas Park, FL
  • Redington Beach, FL
  • Redington Shores, FL
  • Safety Harbor, FL
  • Pete Beach, FL
  • St Petersburg, FL data recovery company
  • Seminole, FL
  • South Pasadena
  • Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Treasure Island, FL

If you are a computer repair shop or are seller located in this area, DTI Data is always looking for new partners. For more information or to enroll in our data recovery partner program please contact our Partner Accounts Associate.


Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932

Direct: 1-727-345-9665

Is DTI Data Recovery located in Florida or will I have to ship my drive out of state?

Yes! DTI Data Recovery is located in Florida. In fact, our company clean room is located in St. Petersburg, FL.

Hard drive clicking can you recover my files?

Solved! Yes, in most cases. You can walk-in and we can diagnose the drive while you are here in our lab.

I am not a business, will you recover my dropped external hard drive?

Yes, we work with home users and businesses. We try to provide the highest level of service at the most affordable prices possible.

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