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Data Recovery Software Comparison: Recover It All – DART XP

Which data recovery software should you use, Recover It All Professional or D.A.R.T. XP?

A lot of my pre-sales calls are to ask what the difference between Recover It All and D.A.R.T. XP are, so I thought I would write a quick comparison of the two so people would know what they need.

If you have a hard drive that has a single partition (one big drive) and it was formatted with NTFS 5 (Windows XP, Sever 2003, Vista) then your best bet for data recovery software is going to be the DART XP file recovery program. This piece of software is very easy to use, the scans are very fast, and you can purchase from inside of the software without having to re scan.

If your hard drive was formatted with any FAT file system (Windows 9x, Windows ME) or NTFS 4 (NT 4.0 server and workstation, Windows 2000) you must use the Recover It All Data Recovery Software. DART does not support these file systems.

NOTE: DART will work with Windows 2000 in some instances, if the Master File Table is still intact, I would recommend trying it first to see.

Recover It All will also work with NTFS 5 (Windows XP, Sever 2003, Vista), but the software is a very technical program and the scans can take longer then DART. If you are buying a piece of data recovery software as a technician, and know you will use this again I would always recommend you go with the Recover It All product. It has the ability to clone hard drives, re-write the boot and partition information, as well as find multiple partitions of different file systems.

In summery if you are a technician I recommend you purchase the Recover It All product, and if you are an end-user I would recommend the D.A.R.T. XP data recovery software.

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2 Responses to “Data Recovery Software Comparison: Recover It All – DART XP”

  1. majid July 29, 2007 1:43 am #

    I need a comparition betwin some recovery softwares.
    I would like to know what software is suitable for recovery of evry type of files.
    (If it will be in a diagram it is beter.)

  2. DTI Data Recovery July 30, 2007 1:12 pm #


    I could put something like that together. Are you only interested in Windows software or all operating systems?

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