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Do It Yourself Dual LCD Monitor Stand

Cheap Do-It-Yourself Dual LCD Monitor Stand

OK, so I was really wanting a dual monitor stand for my two LCD flat panel monitors, mainly to get them up off the desk more to give myself more desk space and to raise them up higher.  The cheapest I could find one for was around $80.00, so I decided to attempt to build my own.  I did a little research and saw how other people were building theirs and came up with my own design (based on the size of the LCD’s, the height I wanted them and distance, angle, etc…)  I am SURE there are much better ways of doing this, but I wanted to keep it rather inexpensive.  Total cost of all parts came to around $25.00, give or take a few dollars.


  1. First come up with a design.  Measure your two monitors and find out the length of pipe you will need.
  2. Here is a scan of my original design:
  3. Design


  4. I chose to build it out of Galvanized plumbing pipe.  I used ¾” for the base and used a reducing coupling to make it ½” for the rest.  I also decided to use a 45 Degree elbow to have the monitors at an angle to each other.  The LCD mounts I cut out of plywood scraps.
  5. Here are the parts I used:
  6. Parts


  7. Putting it together:
  8. Stand-3

  9. After painting it black:
  10. Stand-4

  11. Mounted to desk:
  12. Stand-5

  13. Make sure you have mounting hole measurements correct on the LCD mounts.  I had to go back and redo several times because I had measured the holes to be exactly 4” apart and it turns out they are not exactly 4” apart.  Also getting the correct machine screws gave me a problem.  #8 – 32 screws appeared to be the right size, but it turned out I needed metric size 4mm for the back of the monitors.
  14. Mounting first monitor:
  15. Stand-7

  16. Finished!
  17. Stand-8


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