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Recover It All Now Ver. 1.0 is a comprehensive data recovery tool that offers a fast and easy solution to catastrophic data loss.

RIA Now is a Windows based software tool designed for the recovery of data lost through deletion, file system corruption, or slight noninvasive hardware anomalies. It brings a high end recovery engine to the fingertips of the average end user.

RIA Now runs in a Windows XP, 7, and 8 environments and will address any physical device connected to the computer. It is advisable to not install RIA Now on the hard drive that you are trying to recover your data from as any new data written to the drive has the high possibility of overwriting any lost or corrupted data.

RIA Now will not write data to your hard drive and has safeguards built into the software that will aide in protecting your drive from further damage. That being said, if the drive has been found to be damaged by either a surface scan [Windows Surface Scanner] or other means and if your data is important to you, it is imperative that a data recovery specialist team be employed to give you the optimum possibility of recovering your data. DTI Data Inc. is such a company and with its many years of service to the community can offer a professional helping hand to get your data back for you. DTI Data is your friend in the data recovery community and can be counted on to do everything to ensure a successful recovery.

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