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Simple Recovery

Although each recovery is unique unto its self and can offer its own set of hurdles to overcome there is a general flow of recovery that can be used in most cases. By following these few simple steps it is possible that you will in fact receive a full recovery and no other method will […]

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Screen Description

Function Buttons Function buttons are the center to the recovery of a hard drives data. Consider each button a tool in a very sophisticated tool box for use in restoring your lost data to you. Device/Volume List Upon initialization the following hard drive and physical device list is created. This list consists of the physical […]

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Software Initialization

Upon starting the software the application immediately queries your system for any and all physical devices. These devices include installed hard drives, USB drives, thumb drives, and any other physical device that is considered a block storage device. The DVD drives are not queried and therefore eliminated from the search. During the query of the […]

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