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DTI Data recovery Orlando local anniversary

Happy holidays from DTI Data recovery Orlando.

Since, our acquisition of ACS Data Recovery in December, 2015 DTI Data recovery has been serving the Orlando community locally for 5 years. As a thank you for trust the community has placed in our data recovery services we are showing our appreciation by giving away a free copy of our Recover It All Now data recovery software!

The software performs recovery of deleted files, corrupt or deleted partitions and general file system failures. Recover it All Now can also recover from RAID 0 configured arrays.

This offer is valid for the entire Orlando area including suburbs: Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, and surrounding areas. To acquire the software go to Add the software to your cart, view the cart and apply discount code Orlando-ria. This offer is valid until January 2, 2020. Instructional videos are available.

DTI Data Recovery Recover-It-All-Now

Tip of the day. Never save the data to the same hard drive (source drive). Always save the data to a different (destination drive) drive or partition.
It is important to note Solid State Drives (SSD) have a trim function. The trim function is enabled by default in Windows. When a file is deleted or any action is taken to delete or create a new partition the SSD will automatically null or write 0 to the file or entire file system . Conversely, Trim is not functional in most RAID systems.

Additionally, data recovery software is only helpful for soft data loss issues. If your hard drive is clicking or you notice multiple read errors when attempting to use data recovery tools stop immediately. Call us and we can help you recover from hard drives that are clicking (head crash) or any other type of physical or mechanical failures. 407-926-4054

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