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DTI Data Tech Support AKA Jacqui Best

Running DTI Data’s tech support for software is more like an adventure than a job. I get to speak to a lot of people every day, and they are always very nice. I like being able to help people recover their data and teach them how to use our software. I get a lot of questions, but one really sticks out.

So the question would be what is the most asked question I get? And the winner is “Where are you located?” the answer is always, “Right here in Florida.” For the longest time I thought the customers were just being friendly, but recently I have found they are really trying to find out if I am outsourced tech support or not.

Be assured that with the specialization of this field you will always get live tech support, from someone that works for DTI. Add that to the fact that about 85 percent of the time you will be talking directly to me no matter when you call for support, it allows for us to build a real relationship with our customers.

About me?

Well I have been in the IT field for 17 years (yes actually working it). I am old school, I get all misty when I think about playing lemmings on my Atari ST, and long for the days of BBSing. I have been supporting this coder’s line of software for about 10 years. It takes a special talent to deal with people who have lost their data all day.

For those of you who want to “see” who you are talking to!

2 Responses to “DTI Data Tech Support AKA Jacqui Best”

  1. Mark November 10, 2009 5:03 pm #

    Hi. I’ve come across your page that explains how to recover data from an old hard drive. We have a laptop from about 2001 which we never use. I asked if I could take it apart just out of curiosity, and I was told I was allowed, as long as I got all the pictures and stuff we had on there on our desktop PC.

    So I took it apart, salvaging useful parts. I made sure I grabbed the Hard Drive and it’s sitting on my desk right now. Theres nothing connected to it, just the hard drive itself. I’m not going to be home for a few days, but when I come home, I’ll send you a picture of what it looks like, just to explain the situation about there being no cord.

    For now, I need to know if its possible for me to do this since its a laptop HD. And secondly, once I send you the picture of the HD, please tell me if I need to go back in the laptop to find a cord or even buy one or something.

    THANK YOU!!!

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