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Email Tracing, Document and Photo Analysis


Email Tracing

Email is by far one of the most popular forms of communication between businesses, consumers and employees not to mention individuals. To keep it simple we can divide email into two different types, plain email and webmail. Email is electronic mail stored by a company’s computer systems and the predominant method of access is to use a client such as Microsoft Outlook or MAC Mail. Email may have a web interface such as Outlook Web Access (OWA) but it is actually business mail accessed from a desktop computer or laptop.  Whereas webmail is predominantly accessed using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome. Either of these email types can be accessed from mobile devices.

We receive a wide variety of requests regarding email such as email authentication; we are able to authenticate the validity of an email’s attributes like the time, date sent and origin of the sender. DTI can trace email messages, where email headers are used to determine the senders IP Address or location. We are frequently asked to determine if an email was forged or manipulated in some way and if we can extract all emails including deleted email messages either from a computer, mail server or webmail. DTI handles requests like these on a daily basis and just about every task assigned to us is possible.

Document Analysis

DTI specialists are highly proficient in the verification and authentication of documents. In most cases there is enough metadata embedded within the documents that we are able to analyze to authenticate or negate any questions there may be about the document.  A typical request would be to find out if a document has been altered, created or backdated to reflect an earlier point in time.  Dates and content are usually the key factors when dealing with document analysis.  It could be who last modified a document and when the changes were made, to analyzing to see if it has been altered or backdated.  Consult with one of our forensic specialists to find out what we can do to assist you with your document analysis.

Photo Analysis

DTI has the capability to analyze data that is embedded within digital photographs. Like documents, the data embedded within digital photos can tell a much more accurate story than the photo itself. Our forensic specialists can analyze a photo and provide valuable information such as the device the photo was originally taken on, the serial number of the device, the date and time the photo was taken, the geographical location and more. Each device is different and offers numerous information types that can prove to be invaluable for analysis.  As with documents, our experts are able to determine if a photo’s metadata, such as date and time taken, has been altered.