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External Hard Drive Data Recovery Review – Seagate FreeAgent Pro

Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Drive

Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Drive

When looking at external hard drives, most reviewers only look at capacity, pricing and performance. DTI Data Recovery looks at these things, but has a focus on the stability of the external hard drive and its ability to withstand heat and not need hard drive recovery. The Seagate FreeAgent Pro is a FireWire400, USB 2.0, eSATA external hard drive that is built to last. Even though Seagate is actually a competitor of ours, they acquired ActionFront Hard Drive Recovery a couple years ago, we would be remiss not to look at their products in the interest of our readers.

All that being said, the FreeAgent Pro is a solid external hard drive. Seagate has always made a good hard drive and this is no different. The FreeAgent line of external hard drives comes in 3 types, the Pro, Desktop and Go. Since we like lots of storage we only looked at the Pro line and we were impressed by its durability and data protection. As far as pricing goes it is comparable to other external hard drives with the 1 TB version under $200.00 from Seagate’s store. The only thing that bugged me was it didn’t come with the eSATA cable, but the Firewire transfer, while not as fast as some like the Western Digital series, it was fast enough for me. I think people should be more concerned with stability and failure or hard drive recovery than speed anyway. All in all the FreeAgent is a good external hard drive.


One Response to “External Hard Drive Data Recovery Review – Seagate FreeAgent Pro”

  1. Nomad October 29, 2012 4:24 am #

    I am not sure how you base your opinion but a quick check on the net shows that a lot of people have had problems with this model. Stability is a major issue and the potential loss of 500 GB of information is painful to say the least. None of the other features of any external hard is important if one cannot access the drive itself.
    Additionally the technical support is minimal. After my personal experience with this model I would not recommend its purchase.

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