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File Data Recovery Step by Step

File Data Recovery Guide

Problem: A file that you now need has been deleted from your hard drive data on the C drive.


  1. Shut down the computer. It is important not to run the machine anymore. Windows works under the idea that areas of the harddrive that have been used before are used first. This means that as you are surfing looking for a solution you can potentially be overwriting file data. NOTE: Make sure that you click the arrow next to shut down and select restart. We do not want a bunch of updates auto installing by clicking the shut-down button. See the image below for reference. shut-down-windows-file-recovery
  2. You are going to need access to another computer. For this method of file data recovery even a laptop will work well. You need to open your computer and locate the hard drive. In your Case toward the front you will find the hard drive bays.hard-drive-bays
  3. Make sure the power is disconnected from the machine and then remove the affected hard disk drive. remove-hard-disk-drive
  4. Once you have the hard drive removed it is time to hook it up to the other computer. I personally love the new USB. 3.0 bays. They are nice and neat on a desk and super fast speeds.  Hard-Drive-Docking-Station
  5. Once you have the drive pushed in the auto-play for windows should start. You can close out of this. windows-auto-play
  6. Now we will need file data recovery software in order to scan the hard disk drive for the lost data. You can go with a few different options. If you deleted photos you can look at photo recovery software or if you deleted another type of file then go with a file undelete software like D.A.R.T. File Undelete Software.
  7. Once you decide on your file data recovery software you will want to install this software ANYWHERE but on the affected drive.
  8. When the scan of the hard drive has completed you then want to make sure you save these files somewhere other then the drive you are trying to recover data from.


In many cases you will be able to retrieve your lost data if you act quickly.

If a file has been lost for weeks then the likelihood of recovery is very low. Sometime RAW file scanners may be able to pick up bit of your data across the drive.

In the end nothing beats having a solid backup solution and checking that backup frequently. Home users have many applications for off site back up available to them now for reasonable pricing and should take advantage of them.

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