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Florida Data Recovery Services

DTI Data’s primary clean room lab is located in South Pasadena Florida, on the Gulf Coast just outside of St Petersburg. We often get in hard drives for repair from all over the world, but many a Floridian will drive to our lab to drop off their hard disk. When a visitor arrives at DTI Data the first thing they see is a look into our bio-metrically secured laboratory.

People would be amazed at how many companies that call themselves Data Recovery Labs don’t actually have a real lab, let alone a clean room. If you are determined to drop your hard drive off at a location locally, and you’re not in New York or Florida, make sure your local lab actually does have a clean room!

All the major companies allow lab visitors to see their clean rooms. There is nothing to hide, in fact a true lab will have rows and rows of work benches that lead up to the secure and dust free clean room entryway. There is no reason to restrict hard disk owners seeking data recovery from verifying that the lab they are depending upon actually has a clean room.

If you happen to be reading this and you own or work for a computer repair company, contact Jon Moxley by email: or phone: Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932 Direct: 1-727-345-9665. Feel free to look at our Value Added Reseller Plan as well.

If you live in or around Tampa you can get Driving Directions To DTI Data Recovery here. Our data recovery services are worldwide because we are only a day away from just about anywhere with Fed-Ex or UPS.

24 Hour Hard Drive Recovery & Server/RAID Recovery Hotline:
Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665.

Extended Software Support:
8 AM to 11 PM EST 7days a week!

Florida Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Areas

Feel free to visit any of these Florida Data Recovery pages for more information:

Data Recovery is often the difference between a company surviving a disaster or going out of business. Be sure to check out the data recovery company you are staking your data on!

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