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Hard Drive Data Recovery Not Just A Repair

One of the main questions we get from users calling in for hard drive data recovery is “do you repair the drive”? In cases when the hard drive has a physical problem, we do have to repair the drive to MOVE the data onto stable media. That being said, you really don’t want to use that hard drive again!
When damaged hard drives come in, the first step in hard drive data recovery is to determine why the heads or electronics have failed. The next goal is to make a sector by sector clone of the drive if possible. During that process if our engineers detect bad sectors, they repeat the process until they are sure they have recovered all or as many of the total sectors possible. This phase is critical to sending the customer back files that actually work!

In the event of catastrophic platter damage heads are mapped to zones of the drive then sectors containing file system information and file entries are read to determine the location and amount of data.

Damaged areas of the media are avoided to retrieve data without further degrading the media.

Finally, remaining recoverable sectors around damaged areas of the media are recovered. File integrity is then verified by collecting reports of files containing unreadable sectors and files are repaired if possible.

Once a clean copy has been transferred to media, the steps vary depending upon what types of files are damaged.

DTI Data Recovery has a no data no charge policy and we put forth every effort to satisfy our customers.

Verifying the veracity of the recovered data is extremely important to the hard drive data recovery process. Once the recovered data is verified, it is transferred to the destination media, usually external hard drives or DVD’s, for shipment to the customer. Call 727-345-9665 for more information about hard drive data recovery.


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