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Hard Drive Failure – What NOT to Do

By now everybody has had a bad experience with a hard drive. When most people run into problems with their computer, the last thing they think of is the hard drive! If you are a gambler like me, you play the probabilities. The most likely problem you will face if you are running a Windows operating system is bad files, but what causes those hall.dll errors or blue screens of death? In most cases they are OS related, but there are surely enough evidence to suggest that the hard drive can be at fault.

Check out the video below to see “what not to do when your hard drive is acting up” for a humorous look at hard drive failures.

When you save a file to your desktop or to “My Documents”, it is stored on your hard drive, just like every other piece of your digital life! Unless you are a total paranoid and back up everything twice, you are more likely like me, a person that doesn’t have the time or inclanation to spend valuable minutes of a busy day to copy important files to various devices insuring digital security.

What To Do When Your Computer Acts Funky

The first thing to check is the hard drive. So you ask “how much is that gonna cost me ?” Hard drive data recovery is an expensive proposition for most people, but the fact is that we work with users every day, and will do the best we can to fit hard drive recovery into their budgets to the best of our abilities that makes business sense. So what do you do? The first step is to isolate the problem as quickly and easily as humanly possible. Download and try our Freeware Windows Surface Scanner. It will tell you how bad your drive is. Get Windows Surface Scanner here.

OK, so what are the things that you don’t want to do when you know for sure that the hard drive is the issue? Let’s start with the basics:

  • Don’t put it in the freezer – if you are capable enough to remove the hard drive from your computer or laptop then you are knowledgeable enough to know you can’t mess around with the drive and expect good results. In the past you could swap PCB boards when the hard drive had electronic problems (read below) or deal with heat by cooling the drive down. The problem with the freezer effect is it is a one time shot. I always preffered poker to roulette, and adding a temperature variable to the mix is asking for trouble. The only time cooling a hard drive down is when the drive has frozen (forgive the pun : ) due to excessive heat. Other than that, the freezer won’t help.
  • Don’t open the drive yourself! There is nothing in there that can be fixed without proper tools and experience.
  • Call us: 727-345-9665 – we can help and we don’t charge anything unless we recover your data!


3 Responses to “Hard Drive Failure – What NOT to Do”

  1. DeBorah August 21, 2010 1:57 pm #

    Convert Internal Hard Drive To External is that possable

  2. DeBorah August 21, 2010 2:02 pm #

    Convert Internal Hard Drive To External is that possable sorry i nissed typed nmy email address it is

  3. Blake September 3, 2010 1:01 pm #

    Hello I was hopin maybe you can give me some advice about a seagate harddrive barracuda 7200.9 400 gb. I recently was using it as a storage drive in my computer. and one day my computer just turned itself off but the light on the out side of my computer was still on. but my main HD is fine but everytime try to hook it up my computer will not start. what is something i can do to recover all my files from the HD. Please I hope you have the answers

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