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Hard Drive Data Recovery Backup Solutions

DTI Data performs hundreds of hard drive recovery cases every week. For the most part the unfortunate users did not back up their data and were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Hard Drive Data Recovery is the actual restoration of data files off of a damaged hard disk.

If you are unsure of what backup solutions you need to avoid hard drive recovery check out some of our previous posts on backing up.

Backup Data And Avoid Hard Drive Recovery

Our head of hard drive data recovery support is Jacqui Best, and she has written a few great articles on data back up.

  • External Hard Drive For Data Backup – in this post Jacqui goes into detail about what external USB drives are and how they can be used to avoid hard drive recovery.
  • Test Your Back Up Plan – no one wants to need hard drive data recovery, and even though you might be diligent about backing up your data, read this post on how to check your backups and verify your data is safe.

I also wrote a couple of back up posts that talk about the different options available:

  • Hard Disk and Tape Back Up Comparison – a lot of companies use tapes as back up, but are they as reliable as hard disk backups? Even though disk failure can lead to hard drive recovery, tapes aren’t the only solution.

The moral of this story is to backup your data so you don’t need us or hard drive recovery!

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