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Fujitsu Data Recovery


Cyber Lab Remote Fujitsu Data Recovery:

We specialize in Fujitsu data recovery.

In 2004 and 2005 there were a large amount of Fujitsu desktop drives that were experiencing system or service area corruption due to a flaw in the Cyrus chipset used at the time. DTI Data recovery reverse engineered the fault and made a remote solution called Cyber Lab. In particular the MPG-MPF-AH hard disk drives were notorious for this failure.  We were able to help a large number of customers recover their data immediately through our remote solution. Although, today remote recovery is not possible for most hard drive failures, with that experience DTI Data is uniquely familiar and qualified to work with old and new Fujitsu laptop drive families.



Hard drive manufacturers do a great job providing premium storage space at an affordable price. However, all hard drives will inevitably fail. With Fujitsu hard drives we most commonly encounter defective or damaged read/write heads. The heads used to replace the faulty heads in Fujitsu drives must fall within a very tight microjog compatibility range. Drives are tuned at the time of manufacturing and the tuning or tweaking process involves saving microjog information to ROM. DTI Data has accumulated a large inventory of Fujitsu donor parts. We have also developed relationships with the best parts sourcing companies in order to make sure we can provide the highest levels of successful Fujitsu hard drive recoveries. Through decades of experience our engineers are keenly aware of the Fujitsu drive families architecture and proven recovery methods.

Below are some indications of a failing hard drive.

  • Not recognized by the computer BIOS.
  • Recognized by the computer BIOS, however information given is incorrect or looks like garbage.
  • Inaccessible, but still physically functioning (powers up with no strange sounds).
  • Bios recognizes drive, however, drive fail error appears.
  • Can see the drive and the data but cannot access any data.
  • Drives spins up then spins down.

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