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Hard Drive Specifications

In order to better help you diagnose problems and understand your hard drive, we have included hard drive specifications from the major manufacturers on our site. Simply select the link for the manufacturers starting with the letters listed below.


A – C

Alps, Alps America, Ampex, Areal, Atasi, Aura Associates, Basf, Brand, Bull, CDC, CMI, CMS, C. Itoh, Cardiff, CDC Swift, CDC Wern, CDC Wren, Century Data, Cogito, Compaq, Conner, Core, Cristie, Cynthia

D – L

Data General, Data Tech, Disc Tec, Disctron, Dma,, Dtm, Elcoh, Epson, Ezi, Fuji, Fujitsu, Gcc, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hyosung, Hyosung, Imi, Ibm, Icm, Imprimis, Jct, Jvc, Kalok, Kyocera, Lapine, Liberty

M – N

Magtron, Maxtor, Mega Drive, Memorex, Micronet, Micropolis, Microscience, Miniscribe, Mitsubish, Mitsumi, MMI, NCL america, NCR, NEC, NEI, Newbury Data, NPL

O – R

Ocean, Okidata, Olivetti, Orca Tech, Otari, PLI, PTI, Pacific Magnets, Panasonic, Peripheral Tech, Plus Development, Plus Impulse, Prairietek, Priam, Procom Tech., Quantum, Quantum, RMS, Ricoh, Ricoh Systems, Rodime


Samsung, Seagate, Seagate2, Shugart, Storage Dimensions

T – V

Tandon, Tandon WD, Tandy, Teac, Texas Instruments, Tokico, Toshiba, Tulin, Vertex

W – Z

Western Digital, Western Dynex, Xebec, Ye-Data, Zentek