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Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery – Clicking Repair

Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery

The most common Hitachi drive models we received within the last year:

  • HTS725050A7E630-Z7K500
  • HTS725032A7E630-Z7K500
  • HDT721010SLA360-Z7K1000
  • HTS725032A9A360-Z7K500
  • HTS723232A7A364-Z7K320
  • HTS725050A9A364-Z7K500

Almost every Hitachi hard drive we received for recovery was clicking. Fortunately, the majority of these hard drives did not sustain any platter damage, the platters simply do not seem to be affected by the read/write head failures. Therefore, we have an extremely high success rate recovering from the newer Hitachi Travelstar family of hard drives. The new Hitachi Travelstar families are much slimmer than their successors. The donor parts needed to match the source Hitachi drives are similar to their predecessors in that the micro-jog needs to be very closely matched.

One of the challenges with Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery and the new Hitachi Travelstar Z7K500s and Z7K1000s after head replacement is calibration and initialization of the hard drive.

Donor heads after replacement may need alignment tuning. Hitachi ZK320, ZK500 and ZK1000 may need to be closely monitored and realigned while drive initialization is in process. Our technicians have developed tools and techniques to monitor and adjust head alignment while the hard drive is trying to initialize and come ready. Simply replacing the heads and waiting to see if the drive comes ready to clone will not work in most cases.

Choosing a Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery company with the appropriate experience is very important. Perhaps, the greatest responsibility in the data recovery process is delegated to the end user or technician working with the hard drive at the time of the crash. Our success rate is largely based upon the condition of the hard drive’s platters. It is important to know when it is time to stop powering up the drive in attempts to try to get the drive to work or come ready again. It is important to know that data recovery software cannot recover data from a drive that is not working. Perhaps the biggest challenge we face recovering Hitachi hard drives or any other hard drive, is damage done after the crash.  Repeated attempts to access a drive with a failing head(s) can cause damage to the platter surface where the data resides. This is not to say there are not times where do it yourself software or fixes may work; however, those type of fixes do not apply to a hard drive that is clicking.


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