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Hurricane Irma – Tampa Bay Disaster Data Recovery

Hurricane Irma Data RecoveryDTI Data has been an industry leader in data recovery in the Tampa Bay area for twenty years. In our time, we have witnessed multiple hurricanes devastate our area and the surrounding East Coast of Florida. From Katrina to Sandy we have helped those who have weathered the storms in other areas and received countless water damaged drives, phones and tablets. Preparing for a storm is stressful, between boarding up windows, getting sand bags and stocking up on non-perishables, everyone has a lot to do. We don’t always have time to backup data when life threatening conditions come upon us quickly.

Irma gave local and national weather teams fits, a hurricane the size of Irma can be influenced by many external factors, plotting the exact course of the storm was near impossible. The Category 5 Irma was originally predicted to move north much earlier and make land fall over the Miami area. However, Irma hugged the northern coast of Cuba moving west much longer than anticipated. The sustained westward movement left west coast Florida residents a short window to hunker down or evacuate. Although, mandatory evacuations were in place Friday morning for areas prone to storm surge along the south west and central west coast of Florida, many residents in other areas were caught off guard with little time to make full preparations. You can count some of our staff among those who were on high ground but were not expecting Irma to make such a dramatic westward shift.

Irma DaAfter hurricane Irma battered the northern coast of Cuba and the Florida Keys, it made its second U.S landfall Sunday evening as a category 3 hurricane along the coast line of Naples, Florida. Irma continued to move north just inland of the west coast of Florida leaving millions of residents without power. Our team surveyed the damage Monday afternoon and while there were many trees down or uprooted and power remains out in much of the area, it could have been much worse.

There will be much to do just to get the power up for folks in Florida and businesses back up and running. In the effort to help Florida residents that have been severely displaced by hurricane Irma we will provide free or discounted data recovery. Additionally, we will provide discounts to Florida businesses that have been affected by Irma. Should any Florida resident or business’ hard drive, RAID Server, NAS or any type of storage media need data recovery our staff will be here to help and assist you. We are here in Florida, we rode the storm out and are ready to assist our fellow residents and businesses.

If Your Electronics Get Damaged

  • DO NOT apply power to water damaged electronics
  • When shipping a hard drive for repair do not try to dry it out, it can cause corrosion on the platters. Place the drive on a paper towel and wrap drive in moist paper towel, then put it in a zip lock bag. For more detailed information on shipping water damaged hard drives watch our video here:

Rain or shine, DTI Data will continue to be here, helping their customers get back up and running. Our Florida locations will be operating during normal business hours until further notice and as always, we will have 24/7 phone support available.

Hurricane Ian updates will be provided after the storm passes the Tampa Bay area.


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