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Microsoft FAT32 and Integrated Data Recovery

With several years in the data recovery industry there are, like all things, a metamorphosis from one method of recovery to the next. In the beginning there were simple file systems and simple drives and a coarse data recovery method was used in order to retrieve data. This method was based mostly on the hardware side and not so much the file system or data type.

As years have progressed we have now seen the emergence of much more complex file systems, increasingly difficult device handlers such as RAID, and a shift to recovering file types in contrast to recovering full file systems. End users now rely much more heavily on their storage devices and the type of data that is kept there for safe keeping. Family photos and music, years of tax forms, and perhaps even the novel that we all feel we have in us, has found its way onto our computer systems.

It also has to be stated that these users are turning to NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices for storage. NAS repair and recovery is key, because a lot of those devices utilize a proprietary file system.

With all of this being said, the industry is in need of an overhaul when it comes to file formats and file systems. Each file format should have an inherent set of attributes that will lend itself to recovery regardless of the state of the file system. In other words, markers would be integrated into the file format itself that would create a type of map for recovering the file. File systems must evolve into a more robust collection of system components that can be linked together if damaged, to form a working file system through a set of tools that can be part of the file system integration.

Although crude, and certainly not part of the initial design, FAT32 from Microsoft Corporation is such a file system. If the file system is corrupted, or totally lost by the corruption of a file system major component there are markers throughout the system that can in fact be used to recreate the file system and ultimately recover a clients’ data. There are several third party tools that can pull these file system components together and build a working file system.

Recover It All Professional is such a data recovery tool and offers a robust set of options to recover your cherished data. In the future such designs should be an integral part of the file system. Along with speed, reliability, and flexibility, data recovery should become a primary factor for consideration.

Watch the video below to see a tutorial on how to use Recover It All, or call 727-345-9665 for immediate help. DTI Data offers extended technical support, no data no charge pricing as well as FREE evaluations!


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