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Multiple Partition Data Recovery Recover It All

Customer had two partitions, a boot partition and a data partition. He had tried to restore the boot partition from back up with GHOST, because of corruption in Windows XP. When he did the restore, something went drastically wrong in the partition table. He could no longer see the second partition, and did not have a back up of that drive.

Case Study: Multiple Partition Recovery with Recover It All

I recommended that he download the Recover It All Professional Demo, and let it scan the drive for all logical disks. Here is how the recovery went, for the most part.

Inside of Recover It All, double click the physical drive, you are trying to recover.


recover it all

A scan will start that depending on your drive size could take 2-3 hours. Please let this scan finish as at this point we are trying to find your missing partitions.

NOTE: In the lower right hand corner of the software, you should start to see partitions popping up in there. There maybe be invalid finds, data inside of a file sometimes looks very similar to a partition, and we rather list it and be wrong then not list it and be wrong. You can ignore these partitions if they are not the right size of the partition you are looking for.

After the Scan of the physical drive has completed, you can now go through the list of logical drives and try and find the partition that is eluded you thus far. Once you locate your partition, double click it, and it will do the “fast scan”. With in a few minutes you should see a tree of your hard drive in the middle box of the software. Now all that is left is selecting the data you want to retrieve and moving off the hard drive.

You can download the demo for Recover It All here.

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2 Responses to “Multiple Partition Data Recovery Recover It All”

  1. Davedata99 March 6, 2007 5:03 pm #

    Trying it now. Deleted three partitions. Found them all, pretty simple 🙂

  2. Chandrak December 10, 2009 4:40 am #

    Please Recover My HDD Partition.

    Thank You

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