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NAS Data Recovery – RAID Services

Mass storage media has gone through an extraordinary evolution in the past ten years. From the migration of server side technology only being available to high end enterprise corporate entities to the average end user in their home trying to maintain their critical data the influx of simple storage devices has been astronomical. There are two basic reasons for the market supporting larger mass storage solutions.

First, the amount of data that the end user creates is 100 fold more than it was ten years ago. With the common use of mobile phone technology used to store contact, image, video, and audio file information it is important to make sure that there is enough storage space to maintain all of the data generated by mobile technology. In addition, there is data generated on the personal computer such as tax, email, etcetera that also will take up space as an archival necessity.

Secondly, and more importantly, is the overwhelming requirement to ensure that the data created is safe, secure, and easily accessible. Initially the amount of data created and its importance was negligible but over the years and especially in the past five years, software technology as well as internet speed has made the personal computer an integral part of the day to day chores and entertainment of the average home. Tax data, email data, contact data, and to an even larger degree home business data has become a fulcrum of the personal computer and as such made the data it houses virtually irreplaceable.

With all of this being said the technology to help defray these two needs was poor at best and dangerous in many instances. Before the NAS device the world offered external hard drives. These hard drives were mobile and convenient using a simple USB connection to allow access to the device. The problem with this technology is many fold. First, hard drives are not meant to be mobile, they are meant to be stationary so they do not get bumped of dropped. An external USB drive is susceptible to all of these pitfalls and as such is prone to damage. Second, the drive is not cooled. For the most part USB drives do not have any type of cooling to make sure the drive does not overheat and then ultimately cause a head crash and data loss. Third, the power to a large extent is not steady and or enough to maintain the proper RPM of the drive. This can also lead to data loss and mechanical failure.

It is clear that the USB solution, although convenient, was not in and of itself, safe and therefore viable. What then? What technology can be used to ensure that the data is safe, the hardware runs in an optimal environment, offers plenty of storage, and gives access to the data in a simple and transparent interface. In a phrase Network Attached Storage. This technology offers not only a safe and robust environment for data storage but gives the end user a myriad of solutions in order to best answer the monetary margins as well as the storage needs. The following is a list of some of the more popular NAS solutions that can aide in your storage requirement.

NAS Data Recovery

Synology NAS Data Recovery:

This suite of devices offers one of the most comprehensive and easily to afford solutions in the industry. There is a technology and configuration that can effortlessly be employed for any user need. DTI Data technicians have investigated the device and offer some technical insights that can be useful when deciding which configuration is best suited for you.

Iomega NAS Data Recovery:

One of the most well respected storage technology leaders in the industry since 1980, Iomega has been a leader in innovative and advantageous external storage. Over the years Iomega has offered storage answers to include several government and military installations that have a need for storing classified data up to and including Top Secret information. Iomega is now paired with Lenovo and this synergy offers an excellent technological pairing. DTI Data Recovery offers its insight into this NAS leader with the following critique.

Buffalo LinkStation & TeraStation NAS Data Recovery:

As an industry leader for many years Buffalo Technology has offered some of the finest NAS devices in the industry. With performance and flexibility key to the Buffalos business model is it any wonder why there are so many of their devices still in use today. We at DTI Data looked forward to analyzing the inner workings of the Tera and Link Station technologies and we offer our insights here.

When all is said and done even the best of technologies will eventually fail. Although each of these companies offer excellent NAS solutions it is still up to the end user to maintain the device. When there are times when that seems to slip through the cracks DTI Data is more than capable of recovering your data.

The NAS technology can be daunting when looking at it from a data recovery perspective, however, DTI Data has many years of NAS data recovery experience and expertise in this particular venue and can offer not only a real chance to recover your valuable data, but also at an affordable price.

When your storage device has become inaccessible call the professional technical staff at DTI Data Recovery to get you back online.


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