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RAID Data Recovery Services

DTI Data Recovery is one of the few companies that actually performs RAID recovery in their own labs. RAID data recovery is the most advanced type of data restoration there is. Not only do the hard drives need to be repaired, but the underlying file system or parity needs to be re-written or restored.

RAID Hard Drive Data Recovery

A RAID system is very complex at every level. There are many things that can and often DO go wrong. The most common problem involves hardware and specifically the hard drives that make up the RAID. While there are many types of RAID systems, the most common is a RAID 5 which requires at least 3 hard disk drives to function. It will work as long as 2 of the drives are functioning. If 2 hard disk drives fail then there is no alternative but restore from backup or look for a company like DTI that does RAID Data Recovery.

If you have read any of the previous articles in this blog you know that hard drives fail and that they fail often. A system that requires at least 3 hard drives is that much more likely to have a hard disk problem. Since most companies that employ RAID systems use the RAID itself as backup as well as storage. So how do you back up your backup? The fact is even a totally redundant RAID system like a RAID 10 which is a mirrored RAID 5 can fail.

DTI generally only needs the hard drives to perform RAID Data Recovery. If you are shopping around for RAID data recovery and a company is asking for the whole system, don’t send your data to them! At most the RAID card would be the only thing a real data recovery company should need and that only when there is a question about parity or block size or type. Some information can only be gotten from the card. A company like DTI Data Recovery has basically seen all the RAID cards that there are.

If there are physical problems with the RAID then hard drive repair will have to be done prior to the actual data recovery of the RAID system. Once the hard drives have been repaired enough to be copied sector by sector and the sector data has been transferred to similar or the same media then RAID Data Recovery can begin.

RAID Data Recovery With Software

There are a few data recovery programs that can work with damaged RAID systems. In some cases the RAID volume can be created virtually. Images are made of the hard drives and they are put back together again in a virtual environment. One of the problems with this type of recovery is often time the images don’t align properly and the headers need to be modified with a hex editor. This is serious business and is very difficult unless you have advanced programming knowledge.

DTI Data Recovery has the type of programmers and engineers that are required to put back together a failed RAID system. Once the hard drive have been safely cloned then the work truly begins. Only with the cutting edge technology that is proprietary at DTI Data can RAID arrays be successfully restored. Don’t risk your data, call DTI if you require RAID Data Recovery.

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