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RAID Data Recovery Variables

The first rule of RAID data recovery is “due no harm”.  In fact that is DTI’s rule on all types of hard drive recovery, from laptop disk repair to multi drive arrays. Work should never be performed directly on media that stored the data. Any type of actions on the original hard drives can cause more damage. Before any type of hard drive recovery takes place on a RAID array, DTI takes steps to insure that every precaution is put into place. We will not under any circumstances make the situation worse. When it comes to RAID data recovery we take the importance of your data very seriously.

RAID Data Recovery Variables And Hard Drive System Integrity

The first order of business when a RAID array arrives in our labs for data recovery, is to pull every possible bit of data from the hard drive to a clone disk or an image file. In order to accomplish the migration of every binary sector from all of the hard drive elements in the array, clean room hard drive recovery procedures may be necessary. DTI operates a class 100 clean room that is bio-metrically secured. We take the security of your data very seriously.

After any defective media has been recovered and imaged the data recovery of the RAID array can begin.

Once in the RAID data recovery lab, our engineers will determine the “on disk” structure of the stripe and parity if the array is in a RAID 5 configuration. In many cases a partial rebuild has taken place or hot spares have gone offline on multichannel storage bays adding more complex calculations which may require custom code to be written for the extraction of the data to be successful. DTI has on-site programmers that can create programs on demand for any type of new situation that arises. Over the last decade we have developed custom software and proprietary techniques to recover data and validate “on disk file structure” components to verify data integrity and expedite our RAID data recovery process.

When drives within the array are physically damaged DTI has the capabilities to perform hard drive recovery and prepare the data for the engineers to recover the files. Call Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932 if you have any questions.

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