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RAID Discovery Software – Free RAID 5 Software Diagnostic

Free RAID 5 Software

DTI Data has been in business for many years and in that time we have always tried to offer the finest products at affordable prices to our clientele. Whether it is our software line, hard drive recovery branch, or reclamation and redistribution partners, DTI has consistently offered a premium product for low cost. In the spirit of this philosophy, DTI will offer tools that will allow the end user to determine the best course of action for their RAID recovery. The software aptly named RAID Sleuth will introduce a technology known as RAID Discovery.

This technology, developed in the DTI labs, will be offered to our clients as a free RAID 5 Software Diagnostic.

In other words, anyone who wishes to examine the possibilities of their own RAID recovery will be given use of the RAID Sleuth toolset.

Currently in the Alpha stage of development, DTI has tasked its most experienced software development team to develop, implement, and deploy a set of software tools that will allow the end user to examine a degraded RAID array and offer suggestions as to the best course of recovery. This is the essence of the RAID Discovery technology. These suggestions will include the components of the array, the configuration of the array, and a display of the data so the client can in fact view the contents of the array. In addition, our staff will be available to the user in order to assist in the RAID Discovery configuration.

To help facilitate the development of the software DTI Data is doing what it has always done over the years. Involve the end-user, you. We want you to help us hone the software to a razor sharp edge so that it will be the finest tool for RAID recovery that anyone has to offer. The following is how you can help thousands of RAID users discover their data.

RAID Sleuth

In the past, DTI has used live recovery scenarios in order to bring a software product to the client. Many of our software titles used real data recovery situations from users who had problems that were in direct line with the software we were developing. In other words, DTI has clients send us their drives so that we can in turn use them to review and test our software. In the normal course of development there are always test beds for Alpha, and Beta analysis, but these scenarios are created in a simulated environment that can only offer so many recovery challenges.

The real world challenge offers the single most valuable tool when developing software and DTI has been aware of this for many years. So in order for us to bring you a valued RAID Discovery product we would like you to send us your degraded RAID. Let us use our software on it to evaluate the functionality of the product as well as any changes that we will need to add or subtract from the software. All you need do is pay for the shipping of the hardware, give us a brief scenario on what happened to your array and allow us seven to ten days to run our test, and or make work images of your array. In return DTI will give you a full report on the analysis of your RAID, a grade for the plausibility of a recovery, and the steps you need to take in order to recover your RAID. In other words, the RAID Discovery we have made in the analysis and the most effective steps you need to take in order to proceed.

It is with great pride that DTI offers this opportunity for our clients to participate in the development and testing of what will soon be the finest piece of RAID recovery software offered. The RAID Discovery technology opens an entirely new approach to recovery and our clients will be the first to benefit from it. Please feel free to contact us at 866-438-6932 and ask for Richard. He will be more than happy to guide you in how to proceed with the Free RAID 5 Software evaluation process.

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