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RAID Recovery Software Recover It All Now 2.0


Once again DTI Data Recovery brings to the data recovery industry an innovative approach to Enterprise Data Recovery. Their premier data recovery tool, Recover It All Now, has been enhanced to offer recovery for RAID systems. Although the all new RIA Now has only been out a few months DTI Data was aware of the need for a RAID recovery tool and thus has updated the software to handle RAID recovery. DTI Data presents RIA Now version 2.0 with embedded RAID recovery tools.

RAID Recovery Software

Using a simple interface for configuration, DTI Data brings to not only the enterprise but the end user as well a robust set of tools for configuring your recovery for your particular RAID. With just a few clicks your RAID can be configured and mounted in the software ready for recovery. The beauty of the RAID system is that it is transparent to the rest of the RIA Now tool set. In other words, all of the rich features now present in RIA Now are also available for those who have a RAID to recover.

DTI Data’s years of experience has been brought to bear in generating the interface as well as the back-end logic in handling RAID recovery.

The algorithms as well as the simple configuration interface offer almost any end user the keys to unlocking the recovery of their RAID. The simplicity of the configuration interface masks the difficult task of RAID recovery in such a way that any and all end users can easily set up their RAID recovery.

In the final analysis, it is quite common for not only enterprise, but end users, as well as external devices to employ a RAID technology. DTI Data has once again stepped up and offered a robust ‘Yes!’ in answering the users need for a small, fast, and simple RAID recovery tool.

It is with great pride that DTI Data brings to the industry RIA Now 2.0 with embedded RAID recovery tools.


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