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Recover Deleted Partition With DART XP

Unlike a lot of software companies, DTI does NOT outsource their tech support. My staff answer the software support calls from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK. That’s right we really answer the phones at night and on weekends to help clients use our software to recover their data.

The following case study is an actual response to a tech support call. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

PROBLEM: User accidentally deleted partition with the “Disk Management Utility”


“Bob called and had already downloaded the DART XP Demo, and needed help on how exactly to go about getting his data back.I asked what had happened to the drive and he informed me he had accidentally deleted the partition with the disk management utility. He also let me know that the drive was a slave drive in the machine.I directed him to click the Physical drive and click next in the software. DART immediately rebuilt the lost partition in memory. We allowed the software to complete the fast scan which took less the 90 seconds. We then clicked on the found partition and clicked next. When we did, the drive treed up in exactly the way it looked before the partition was lost.

He could see all his files and directories including the ones he had deleted before the partition wipe. I told him he could now purchase the software and copy the files off.I Instructed Bob on how to use the disk management utility to put a new partition on the drive and reformat it, so that he would be able to put his data back the way it was be for the partition delete.”To Recap the data recovery software used was DART XP which is $69.00, but will Show you the files recovered before you pay for it! Here is a screenshot of that feature:

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