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Recover It Now: How Does Remote Data Recovery Work?

Recover It Now is a service offered by DTIData to try to save our customers time and money. In most cases we can put the drive back in to the state it was in before the failure happened. This saves time because you will not have to transfer the data off of the drive, make sure you have all your data, format the drive, and then put your data back. which as we all know if you are talking even 80 Gb of data could take a lot of time. If we do the data recovery remotely since we don’t have the overhead of having your drive on our premises we can offer a highly discounted rate. Prices for the Recover It Now service start at $99.

The way it works is:

  1. You speak to a technician who can ascertain if you are a candidate for this kind of data recovery.
  2. The technician will either set you a remote session right then or schedule a time that would be good for you.
  3. Once we remote in you will be able to watch everything that is happening with the data recovery.
  4. Specialized data recovery tools will be uploaded to your machine in order to help with the recovery process.
  5. Generally the technician will evaluate the drive and decide if this is a situation we can get back or no, at this point you will be given a quote for the remote data recovery.
  6. If the price is acceptable then the technician will then fix the drive. (This can run any where from 30 minutes to 2 hours.)
  7. Once the drive is fixed and the data is verified, you will be given a link to pay the agreed price.

We use Log Me In Rescue for doing the remotes which will allow us to have ONE session and once that session is closed we no longer have access to your computer. We decided to use Log Me In for the remote data recovery over other products because it has very low overhead. This is very important because we need to be able to have as many resources available, and as much bandwidth as we can get and with Log Me In that is much easier.

Setting up the remote session is made extremely easy for both the tech and the user. You only have to go to the web link provided to you and put in the code generated for your session and you and the technician will be connected.

If You have any questions about how this service works please feel free to give me a call and I can walk you through the process.


The First thing I do is enter your info in to the log me in applet.


This is the screen you will see and I will provide you will the 6 digit code.


After you click “Connect to technician”

You will be prompted to RUN a program that will install small browser plug in to allow for the connection.

(NOTE: If you are using FIREFOX you will have to save the file and THEN run it.)


Once the program downloads you should get a security warning from Windows (no matter which version you are running), it is safe from here to go ahead and click RUN again.


Once connected you will see a window that will allow you to see what it is going on as well as chat with the tech. It also has the ability to allow you to send files up to the tech. This windows must stay open during the remote data recovery, closing it ends the remote session.


Once we have established a connection, I will try to gain control of you desktop. Before I can do so you will be asked if this ok.

From here I will be able to diagnose and repair the drive.

To find out more about remote data recovery call 727-345-9665, if your hard drive is not seen by your BIOS, you may need data recovery.


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