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Solid State Drives (SSD)



Many modern electronic devices use reliable SSD drives instead of the older style hard disk. A SSD, or solid state drive, is a type of data storage device. They use solid-state media such as Flash Memory or DDR RAM to read and write data. These memory chips replace standard disks, storing persistent data safely. This process solves the limitations of traditional moving disk storage.

SSD data can be accessed faster than a standard drive. This is because solid-state data, unlike data on a hard drive, can be randomly accessed at the same time. There is no read/write interface. The SSD is tougher, able to withstand shock, extreme temperatures, physical vibration and even some magnetism. This makes it all the more upsetting when the SSD fails.

About SSD Data Loss

Solid State Drives, like all solid-state memory, have a limited number of read/write cycles. They are also susceptible to sudden power loss, electric surges and very strong magnetism. While data is usually safe on a SSD, there are times when SSD data recovery by a professional is necessary.

A high performance SSD device will generally use complex controller hardware. This architecture is often more complex then that found in a typical RAID system. Each SSD manufacturer will use closely guarded algorithms that map data onto the SSD. This makes recovery by a non-professional difficult, if not impossible

Solid State Data Recovery

DTI Data uses the most modern technologies to recover lost SSD data. We utilize a full suite of specialized tools to work on most brands and models of SSD devices. As each manufacturer uses proprietary hardware and software, each SSD recovery must be treated as the unique situation it is. Our Certified Hard Drive Technicians offer a full range of services for solid state data recovery needs. The data is carefully recovered from the failed SSD device. It is then put onto a new device; a new SSD or other secure storage, as needed.

Electronic devices are dust and static shock sensitive. Solid-state disk data recovery can involve delicate work that exposes the vulnerable internal components to possible contamination. This can make data recovery nearly impossible. DTI Data uses a Class 100 Certified clean room for all SSD data recovery work. Our extra precaution helps to ensure that as much data is recovered as possible.

Often NAND wear will cause translator issues that can cause Solid State Drives (SSD) to malfunction. We have the ability to re-map and correct most of these issues. Visible issues may cause some Kingston and PNY drives to identify with SATA FIRM or SATA BURN.

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