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Having VMware issues? DTI Data can help! We have VMware engineers on staff with VMware data recovery expertise including:

  • Recovering data from failed VMFS file system, VMFS.
  • Repairing corrupt Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) files.
  • Restoring lost virtual servers from SAN storage.
  • Recovering data from ISCSI targets, LUNS.
  • Fixing failed VMware ESX and ESXI hosts
  • Recovering lost VMs
  • Any guest operating system

We have extensive experience when it comes to VMware server technology. We use VMware in our own offices.

We have been recovering VMware servers for years and our in-house programmers are well versed in VMware’s VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) structure as well as the format of VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk Format) files.

Whether your data was housed on a local disk, across the network on a NAS device, NFS server or ISCSI SAN, or on a fibre channel SAN, it makes no difference to us. We can still get your virtual machine data files recovered. Even if another company has told you your data is lost, we still have a good chance of recovering it. We have had many cases where the data was supposedly “completely gone” and we have successfully retrieved it.

Be sure to note the following information for us to accurately determine your needs:

  • Host information: ESX or ESXI, VMware server, VMware workstation – and the version
  • Datastore information: was it local storage, shared storage, etc…
  • Environment: Was this a standalone or part of a cluster
  • Size of the storage device
  • Amount of virtual machines
  • Guest operating systems of virtual machines
  • Symptoms of failure: what happened
  • Any other information you feel to be important

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