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Remote Logical Hard Drive Recovery

I have over the past few years had customers with hard drives that I knew I could fix their problem easily if I just had access to the drive. In these situations I will usually offer the customer a logical recovery, which entails them sending us the hard drive, us getting it, and then we have to fix it and then ship it back. All of this usually takes about week from door to door. The customer usually just wants the data off the hard drive quickly so they end up buying DART XP File Recovery Software or Recover It All Professional, and then getting their data off and reformatting the drive to put the data back.

I did some research and found a really great way to be able to come into the customers computer remotely through a Internet browser with out having to worry about dealing with their routers and firewalls. It is called Log Me In Rescue. I send the customer a link to their email and then they run this little API that hooks up with my computer. I can then take control of the desktop and attempt to do the recovery.

I inevitably need WinHex Sector Editor to view the disk in its raw format, I can easily upload the software to the customers computer and then use it in order to fix the drive. It is nice because the customer can see everything that I am doing so the worries about someone rummaging through their data are gone. This is by far the coolest form of hard drive recovery.

The coolest part about this kind of hard drive recovery is that in most instances I am putting the drive back the way it was before the problem occurred. I can also do adjustments to the system area of the drive to allow drives that data recovery software is not reading correctly to be able to read correctly.

We offer this service for a hugely discounted rate because we don’t have the over head attached to it that we would if you were to ship us the drive. I also use the utility to come in to a hard drive and diagnose problems for no cost to the customer if I don’t actually fix the drive, but that is still hard drive recovery.

If you want more info about our new remote hard drive recovery service: Recover It Now visit our fast data recovery page.


9 Responses to “Remote Logical Hard Drive Recovery”

  1. Dave October 2, 2008 2:56 pm #

    good info

  2. sheila secchitano October 16, 2008 1:27 am #

    my X put an operating system on to make a bak up date before the date i bought my FIRST computer. we went into business together and thing didn’t work out but i then found out he had started ;putting monitoring things on my computer 3 months after i started dating him, which was 4 years ago.
    The only thing i care about right now is recovering my emails that he deletd when he deleted outlook. i know he’s put another operating system on my computer and still continues to harrass me by deleting and messing with my operaing system.
    Is there any way you can be of any help to me.
    Any help is greatly Appreciated. She

  3. DTI Data Recovery October 16, 2008 1:54 pm #


    What operating system is currently on your computer? How is he accessing it now? We can certainly help you out and try to find your email files, but I think the first step should be to secure your computer and stop any further tampering. Then we can focus on recovering your email.

  4. Steven February 7, 2009 7:26 am #

    I hope I can explain this correctly…

    I have a slaved hard drive that has one partition with 8 logical drives. One day last week, one of the logicals went missing. I have no idea how but I’ve been told it is not possible to recover the data on it. That’s disappointing since I was using the drive (letter K:) to sort and arrange family pix. Of course I didn’t have a backup, isn’t that why we dummies ask for help!

    possible errors on my part. Thinking a drive has its own space allotted and confined, I have continued to use the physical disk and the other logical drives for data manipulation. Oooops?

    Thank you for comments, suggestions and any help you might offer.


  5. Jacqui Best February 10, 2009 4:46 pm #

    This should be a situation where I can remote into your computer and hopefully find the lost drive and put it back. If you like you can call me at 727-345-9665 ext 236 and I can see what I can do. I also have some other questions, like are you using “partition” type software lke Partition Maic or did you create all the partitions with windows?

  6. Koos Geratsi March 1, 2009 4:41 pm #

    I ran for years with no problems on my 120GB drive with Windows XP SP1 and a SUSE linux partition, with optional bootup at start. I was running out of space in Windows so used Easus PM to expand the Windows c: partition to cover the whole drive. Big mistake – I think the mistake was removing the small partition that provided the bootup options.

    When I rebooted I got GRUB and was able to boot Windows from here, but the next bootup GRUB just had a hyphen with no response. I ran a recovery disk and tried FIXMBR and FIXBOOT(?) and these gave warnings that my partition was non-standard. I ignored these warning at my peril because the next boot up I got a ‘disk would not enumerate’ error and also ‘no disk error – press ctrl+alt+del to reboot’. The drive still works but can’t seem to find the partition detail. I’ve downloaded all sorts of software but none seems to look for the original file structures and try to re-build the partition ‘mathematically’. I am sure that a bit of fixing of the first two sectors of my drive will restore the whole lot. As I initially loaded Windows XP first (before Linux) I think that Suse must have initially created a partition at the end of the drive and then re-directed the front sector to the back.

    Is there hope of changing a few bytes and getting back all my files intact?

    • Jacqui Best March 3, 2009 7:08 pm #


      I am pretty sure I could remote in to the drive and at lest take a look see. It sounds more complicated then I think it is and you are more then likely correct that just a few sectors have to be adjusted.


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