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NAS Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

Network attached storage (NAS) comes in a variety of configurations from: single drive, RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD and RAID 5. In addition to a variety of configurations manufacturers may use a variety of files systems configurations and may use software and or hardware to control RAID functions.  NAS devices use a stripped down version of file systems. NAS devices will typically use an “Open Source Linux” based file system as there are a variety of them to choose from including: Free BSD, EXT 2 EXT3, EXT4, ReiserFS and XFS.

Hard drives in RAID NAS devices operate the same as a standalone hard drive but may have firmware, vibration tolerances, limitation of extended read retries and other tuning suited for use in a RAID or more specifically a RAID 5 environment. Extended read retries on slow or failing sectors in a RAID 5 NAS can be more quickly and efficiently recovered from redundant RAID 5 recourse and are therefore disabled.

Through two decades servicing our customer’s data recovery needs, we have encountered and successfully recovered data from almost every possible scenario pertaining to NAS failures. Many failures in RAID configurations or RAID 5 NAS devices are due to excessive heat. In many cases we have found the drive(s) in the middle of the RAID are the first to fail.  Although, NAS devices can be used as a backup they are not a backup unless another set of redundant data is stored elsewhere. While a NAS device configured as a RAID 5 or RAID 1 can lose one drive and continue operations in a degraded state, should another drive become problematic or fail, the entire array will then fail as well. In some cases a NAS running in a degraded RAID 5 or RAID 1 may go unnoticed until a second drive fails.

When you enlist our NAS data recovery services:

  • Firm estimate flat rate data recovery quote
  • We will move quickly to recover your data
  • Emergency data recovery service for onsite or expedited service
  • Hard drive data recovery for NAS Device performed in a certified class 100 ISO 5 clean room
  • RAID file system specialist and file system programmers
  • All recovered data is securely held on independent clone drives. All data recovered is processed on secure air gapped computers.
  • You will receive the full resources and the benefit of two decades of data recovery service experience.
  • Manufacturer authorized hard drive recovery company

In addition to Value Added Re-sellers (VAR), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), almost all hard drive manufacturers bring to market a variety of NAS configurations based on storage size and redundancy levels including:

  • Western Digital: WD My Cloud, WD Sentinel
  • Seagate: Black Armor, Seagate Central NAS, Seagate Business Storage 2 Bay, 4 Bay, Seagate NAS Pro 2 Bay, 4 Bay, 6 Bay, 8 Bay
  • Hitachi: Deskstar NAS
  • Toshiba: Canvio NAS
  • LaCie: Cloud Box, 2 Big NAS, LaCie 5 Big NAS Pro, D2 Network 2, LaCie 5 Big Network 2
  • Synology: DiskStation
  • IX Systems: Free NAS Mini
  • Qnap Sytems Inc: TVS-X71U Series, TS 469, TS 869, TS212

The companies and NAS devices listed above are just a small portion of the fast growing personal and business cloud offerings.

DTI Data Recovery is unmatched when it comes to NAS Data Recovery and Repair.

Our technicians are capable of recovering and repairing inaccessible data from nearly all forms of RAID system servers including:

  • file servers
  • application servers
  • Web Servers
  • RAID systems of any size

All NAS Data Recovery work is done on-site in our own certified ISO 5 Class 100 clean room. Regardless of the problem, manufacturer, or operating system, DTI Data Recovery can help:

Common NAS Problems:

  • System will not boot
  • Corrupted RAID
  • Missing Partitions
  • Controller Failure
  • Computer virus and worm damage
  • Natural Disaster
  • Human Error