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Synology Data Recovery

Synology Data Recovery

NAS technology in and of itself is simply a group of disks managed by a minimal operating system, normally some iteration of Linux, that allows for shared data access across a network, ergo the acronym Network Attached Storage. Synology, and its wealth of configurations is no different. Synology offers multiple configuration for home, office, or enterprise applications that can without a doubt bring all of a client’s data to the user in a timely manner.

What distinguishes Synology Technologies from other NAS manufacturers is their DSM configuration and options software. Disk Station Manager is there premier NAS configuration handler and offers an abundance of configuration and services options. The following list is only a few of the selections that a client can use to build their custom NAS device.

  • Simple File Server

For those who want a traditional NAS file server Synology offers instant access to data from either local or remote devices. Whether your needs range from the simple home user to enterprise high end requirements each Synology device brings fast and reliable access to your devices.

  • Video Server

Many in home users have vast video collections of not only commercial video but personal family/business created videos. DSM offers the NAS administrator an easy and effective way to catalogue and view these selections.

  • Audio Server

Once again in the same vein as the video offering, Synology brings to the forefront an exciting method for storing and administering your music files. In addition, training audio files as well as videos can be handled and dispersed to multiple users.

  • Data Backup

With the cost of recovery and data replacement, some of which may be irreplaceable, Synology offers a simple, reliable, and effective method of ensuring your data will always be available. This technology includes redundant cloud storage that brings an effective deterrent to data loss. In addition to standard data backup Synology’s DSM software offers the administrator full desktop backup including operating system and images stored for fast deployment and or recovery.

  • iSCSI Device Access

As a network device a NAS has limited access as a file and cloud server. In order to offer a full compendium of access as well as flexibility the iSCSI interface gives the enterprise entity full access to the NAS device as a physical entity. This allows for multiple configurations as well as a low level access that offers speed and continuity.

  • VMWare and Services Access

The pinnacle of efficiency is attaining multi-faceted functionality within a single device without degrading service. Through the high speed interface as well as a clear understanding of queued data streaming, Synology brings an optimal environment for executing multiple Virtual Machines shared across multiple users.

  • Snapshot technology

In order to keep application data consistent and safe it is imperative that a ‘snapshot’ facility be employed. This technology must ensure that when data is finally sent to device as a ‘snapshot’ that all caches has been flushed and all pending writes completed. Synology offers such a technology.

DTI Data offers a full complement of Synology data recovery services for all of their devices. Our pricing is more than competitive and our expertise is second to none.

For all of your Synology data recovery needs DTI Data should be your first and only choice.