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Synology Data Recovery – Disk Station CPU Configurations

Synology Data Recovery CPU InformationSynology Data Recovery has become a large portion of DTI Data’s recovery business over the past year, with that we thought it only prudent to spend some time explaining how these NAS devices function and why they are vulnerable to data recovery needs. NAS devices come in many sizes and configurations. Each device has its own set of hardware specifications that enables it to do certain jobs within a specific end user environment. It is up to the end user to take a look at what their specific needs are and in doing so pinpoint as accurately as possible the type of NAS hardware necessary to optimize performance results. Whether it be home, business, or enterprise applications it is always necessary to make sure that you pick the right tool for the right job.

That being said, Synology offers a set of NAS devices that bring a great many possibilities for the end user. Each NAS device has its own set of pros and cons and as such should be scrutinized with an eye for current usage as well as future expansion. The following is a brief look at the different CPU types for the Synology Disk Station series that will hopefully aid you in your NAS choice and ultimate purchase.

CPU Type

At the heart of any NAS device is the CPU or integrated controller. It is what drives the hardware and in the case of Synology, is the backend engine for their DSM 5.2 operating system and NAS interface product. Each of these controllers offers a unique capability and is used throughout the Synology product line. The following is a description of some of the controllers and the models they are installed in.

  • Marvell Armada 370/375

Armada 370 CPUThe Marvell suite of CPUs/Integrated Controller offer a SoC (System on Chip) design that makes it easy to build a low cost but powerful NAS device. Marvell is the industry leader in on-board controllers for several hard drive manufacturers and is a tried and true chip for even the most robust of scenarios. Synology uses the Marvell controller in their Home and Small Business series which include the DS214se, DS414slim, and DS115J devices which offer an 800 MHz to 1 GHz CPU solution. In addition the DS2155, and DS115 series of NAS devices offer an upgrade in memory addressing and are more suited for the small business user.

  • Mindspeed Comcerto C2000

Mindspeed CPUSynology brings a small upgrade to the Marvell series of controllers by utilizing the Mind Speed Comcerto series of controllers. Based on the ARM A9 Cortex processor series the Comcerto controllers offer a full compendium of services integrated with their trademarked OPAL software. The upgraded Synology DS414J 4 Bay NAS device utilizes this controller to bring the most reliable network service at a very low cost price point.

  • Annapurna Labs

AL 314 CPUThis series of controllers has been flagged for use with an eye for a series of NAS devices that will work seamlessly with NVR (Network Video Recorder) applications. With the 1.4 GHz quad core AL-314 housed in the Synology DS715 or DS1515 and the DS215+ utilizing the AL-212 controller it is a sure bet that these devices will more than accomplish the business/home user’s needs. Synology offers a high end solution with their model DS2015xs device. Employing the Annapurna Labs AL-514 this NAS device will easily handle all of your data needs.

  • Intel Atom ce5335

Intel ATOM c5335 CPUSynology offers two Disk Stations utilizing this controller. The DS415play, and the DS214play. These models are specifically designed for high speed video and offer 1080p full HD transcoding for a virtually seamless presentation. The Intel Atom ce5335 series of controllers offers a powerful on disk transcoding engine that is utilized by the DS415play and DS214play series of devices.

  • Intel Atom C2538

Intel Atom c2538 CPUFor those that need a secure and fast data path for offsite NAS storage this Intel processor is used in the Synology family of encrypted data devices. Where security is of the utmost importance Synology offers the DS1515+, DS2415+, DS1815+, and the DS415+ series of encrypted NAS devices. These devices utilize a hardware encryption engine and bring the most reliable security to their NAS devices.

  • Intel Core i3 4130

Intel Core i3 4130 CPUThis CPU is used specifically for high end business solutions where virtualization and high speed access is a must. Whether you are running VMware in a VSphere environment or Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual offering the Synology DS3615xs NAS device will easily handle even your most pressing needs. Even at peek workload times, the DS3615xs will offer speed and scalability that will ensure a safe and fast data path for all of your employees.

DTI Data Recovery is an industry leader in Synology Data Recovery, so if you are looking to recovery your RAID please feel free to call our engineers for a free data recovery evaluation.


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