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Seagate Data Loss

Data Loss – Logical vs Physical Data Recovery

As a data recovery company, the calls we receive are common situations in which a user has lost the ability to access their data. In most cases, the reason the user cannot access their data is because the hard drive or solid state drive has mechanically or physically failed.  Outside of RAID recovery, we typically […]

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Microscopic Particles can cause Data Loss

Data recovery is a technically meticulous process. Cleanliness in the clean room where data recovery occurs is vital. Only 3 nano-meters separates the hard drive disk (HDD) from the actuator arm and read/write heads, which may be persistently buffeted by a wind created when the disk, or platter spins as fast as 7200 RPM. A […]

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My Files Have Disappeared

Recently I have had a situation where customers are calling to tell me that they have files that seem to have disappeared. After going through the usual questions, like are you sure you didn’t delete them, or maybe someone else deleted them? I will usually ask if there had been a virus discovered on the […]

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