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Recovering a RAID 5

Recovering a RAID 5 – Multi Container

There seems to be as many RAID 5 configurations as there are technicians in the world. Each one seems to have its own brand of drive order, stripe size and parity. In addition, the Dell Corporation added a wrinkle to configuring multiple RAIDs within a set of drives. The name for this technology was ‘container’ […]

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Dell Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our continuing series on laptop hard drives and what makes them tick (hopefully not click), beats on with a look at Dell laptop hard drives. Dell doesn’t make their own hard drives they rely on other companies products. I personally own 2 Dell computers, a notebook, and a desktop. I went with them because of […]

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Using Restore Feature With Dell And Compaq HP

I take a lot of time to evaluate, what the most frequent Technical support calls I receive are. After a thorough evaluation I have noticed that I receive an inordinate amount of calls referencing the go back or system restore feature that many of the new computers are preloaded with. This is one of the […]

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