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RAID Data Recovery Technician

RAID Data Recovery – Identifying Proper Alignment

When questioning a prospective client it is always necessary, to the best of your ability, to identify the RAID type your prospective customer may have. It is also imperative that the technician doing the initial interview and diagnostic be aware that the client is more often than not unable and or unwilling to identify the […]

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RAID 1 Data Recovery FREEWARE Full Version RAID Software

DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce a new full version FREEWARE data recovery software for RAID 1 users. If you are using a RAID 1 which is a mirrored set of hard drives, and the RAID no longer boots, than we can help. More home users are getting their computers with RAID hard drives […]

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Converting RAID 1 to Single Drive

RAID 1, also known as a mirrored set, would seem to be a perfect way to keep your critical data safe. The concept being that you have redundant drives. Whatever gets written to one drive will get written to the other drive. In other words, the drives are mirrored and look exactly the same. Stands […]

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