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RAID Stale Drive Finder

DTI Data Announces the Release of RAID Stale Drive Finder

DTI Data over the years has recovered hundreds of raids. The majority of those raids were usually in an enterprise environment and consisted of several enterprise caliber drives in a raid five configuration. In the vast majority of instances where these raids fail there has been a drive that has been degraded and no longer […]

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WD Home Cloud Server

Do It Yourself Home Cloud Server

Home cloud server have become a significant player in the world of offline storage. With some of the companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon it has become commonplace for almost anyone to have their own little piece of the cloud. With that being said, there are normally size limitations with free cloud usage and if you […]

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RAID 5 Sybase Data File Diagnostic Software

Recently I received a set of drives that were originally in a RAID 5 (stripe set) configuration. These drives were old Seagate forty gigabyte Parallel ATA (PATA) drives. The client explained that they had rebooted the server and when it came up again the file system had been corrupted and the operating system would not […]

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