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Using Recover It All Data Recovery Software On USB Firewire External Hard Drive

This video from Jacqui Best our tech guru explains how to use Recover It All. It not only gives a concise explanation on the inner workings of the program, but goes into detail on the best way to use it when recovering external hard drives!

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One Response to “Using Recover It All Data Recovery Software On USB Firewire External Hard Drive”

  1. BENN October 21, 2010 12:12 pm #

    Question: It there a way in which I can retrieve lost data on a pre-formatted, pre-partitioned HD that accidentally underwent a quick reformat? Here’s the deal … I formatted a 250GB HD with 4 or 5 (all NTFS) partitions. It was not a bootable drive and was used merely as a storage drive. (I installed this drive in my desktop computer with the 10GB bootable drive.) Some conflicts arose where the system would not read from the 10GB HD. To make a long story short, I accidentally allowed the computer to reformat the 250GB HD (using both NTFS and FAT) when I thought it would reformat the 10GB bootable drive. The result is I now have 3 partitions – 1) FAT32 with 5.35GB; 2) NTFS with 13.6GB; and 3) a blank partition with no volume size (needs formatting) on my 250GB HD.

    Hence, my question … is there a way to recover most (if not all) of the data on this HD? If not … I will just take my loses and not waste my time with all the software out there touting to recover file. Would someone please help? Thanks!

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